Palesa Tau. Picture: Supplied

There are few more painful ways to exit Survivor South Africa: Philippines than being voted out with an unplayed hidden Immunity Idol in your pocket – but Palesa suffered just that fate last night after being blindsided by her Araw tribe mates.

Palesa outlasted Katinka in the reward challenge to scoop the luxury of spending a night in a real bed on the island after enjoying a tapas feast, complete with a bottle of red wine. She surprised all her tribe mates when she selected sworn enemy Tom as the person to share her reward with – but she had a plan in mind. That plan received a further boost when she explored the bed which had been set up next to the Araw shelter and pocketed another Hidden Immunity Idol – her second of the season.

IOL Entertainment to Palesa after he island exit. 

Why did you pick Tom to enjoy the reward challenge prize with? 

That's a good question. I would rather to close to the Devil I know then the Devil I don't. Tom and I had an open dislike towards each other and we spoke very candidly about it. I would really rather share a a bed with someone who is open and honest about how they feel about me than with people I am not sure of. Of course, I also wanted to get his word on telling me when I would be on the chopping board. 

Did you really think he would be honest with you? 

At no point in the game did I ever trust Tom but I had to take the risk because I had no allies in the game. 

You had an Immunity Idol yet you did not play it, why? 

Yes, and I regret not playing it — that is the only regret I have. There were many other things going on in my head at tribal council. 

So why did you enter Survivor South Africa: Philippines?  

I am a very spontaneous person, while I was sitting at my desk at work an advert popped up on a computer screen about entering Survivor SA. So I went into the boardroom and recorded my 30 second video audition and then I was on the island playing for R1 million. I wouldn't even call myself a fan of the show, I have watched it in the past but for me it was also about the challenge. 

How did you prepare for the game? 

To be honest I did not prepare a lot, I realised even before the game that no amount of preparation can prepare you what what its really like on that island. When we first got to the island though I did start watching people and looking at the personalities that surrounded me. 

What did you learn from this experience? 

Firstly, I am very content with the way I played the game and how everything unfolded for me. I learnt that I am much stronger than I thought I was and I think the only I could have learnt that is by being on Survivor. I also learnt to just cherish everything you have, from the food you eat to the people around you.