Peter Roos, Justin Lakey and Aviwe Mahlakatha. Picture: Supplied
Peter Roos, Justin Lakey and Aviwe Mahlakatha. Picture: Supplied

'The Bachelorette SA' unveils final 10 suitors

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Feb 11, 2021

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M-Net has released the final 10 men that will make their way onto the red carpet to meet Qiniso van Damme on the premiere episode of “The Bachelorette South Africa”.

Let’s take a look at the next 10 stunning eligible suitors:

Lunga Kupiso, 30, from Idutywa, Eastern Cape

Lunga Kupiso. Picture: Supplied

A quiet, gentle introvert with a colourful personality. Kupiso is a village raised, city groomed Xhosa herd boy who grew up with a passion for livestock farming before moving to the big city at age 14.

The double graduate consults with a continental government agency, which sees him split his time between Mzansi and Ethiopia.

He is a well-spoken, articulate, high calibre man who is ready to love and hopes to be the chosen one.

Marc Coetzee, 41, from Johannesburg

Marc Coetzee. Picture: Supplied

Father of two, Coetzee is an overall lover of life who strives to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

He spends some of his time as a lifestyle and transformation coach and has a passion for working to change people’s confidence and outlook.

Coetzee loves pushing boundaries in everything he does.

He is ready to try something different to meet someone special.

Coetzee is in it to win it.

Franco Basson, 26, from Johannesburg

Franco Basson. Picture: Supplied

A financial consultant, Basson grew up in Magaliesburg.

He runs a podcast named The Weekly Order with two of his best friends.

Basson loves music and plays the guitar and drums.

He has a passion for the arts and expresses his creativity through photography and videography.

Basson is ready to find love again and wants to get married.

Aviwe Mahlakatha, 25, from Johannesburg

Aviwe Mahlakatha. Picture: Supplied

Jack of many trades, Mahlakatha is a mature and curious man born and bred in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape before moving to Johannesburg.

He works as a radio producer for an online station, a freelance video editor and is a full-time fashion runway model who has worked with some of the top brands in Africa.

Mahlakatha loves what Van Damme stands for and her feisty personality. Perhaps, maybe just maybe, they could be a perfect match.

Henk “Swazi” Nel, 28, from Piet Retief

Henk “Swazi” Nel. Picture: Supplied

Originally from Cape Town, the cricketer lived in Swaziland for eight years and captained most of the cricket teams he played for.

He currently runs his own cricket academy that serves to help junior players throughout Mpumalanga and Swaziland.

Nel has a wild party side that comes out as soon as tequila is involved.

He’s charmingly quirky and quick to grow on you.

Vuyani Mashego, 28, from Johannesburg

Vuyani Mashego. Picture: Supplied

Mashego is a weightlifter and strength and conditioning expert and has his eyes set on the Commonwealth Games in his weight class.

He lives the bachelor life, mostly training at the gym he owns, Urban Shack in Benoni.

Mashego has been dealt a few not so great cards in the relationship department. He is a casanova.

Mashego likes to believe he can close a deal with any lady. He is charming and in tune with his emotions.

The weightlifter has a really good vibe, is a good listener, a fashionista and has high emotional intelligence.

Keelan McManus, 26, from Cape Town

Keelan McManus. Picture: Supplied

McManus is a sporty, active guy that loves adventures and the outdoors.

His back story includes losing his father at a young age and growing up with a powerful single mom.

McManus represented South Africa in badminton and had his eyes set on going to the Olympics but unfortunately broke his lower vertebra while training.

He is now seeking a partner that can enjoy a healthy and responsible lifestyle who can keep up with his adventurous nature.

McManus’s party boy habits are still there, but he is looking for inspiration to change that. He’s a sweet and humble guy with a big heart.

Peter Roos, 27, from Johannesburg

Peter Roos. Picture: Supplied

Roos is climbing the corporate ladder and seems to have a good financial future. He is a gentle soul, and just truly a nice guy.

Roos would make a good partner, but has been very unlucky in finding love.

He went to the same primary school as Van Damme.

Roos wants to share his journey with the right woman. He enjoys playing sports daily and exercising regularly.

Roos described Van Damme as charismatic and bubbly.

He appeared on “First Dates SA”.

Justin Lakey, 26, from Johannesburg

Justin Lakey. Picture: Supplied

Lackey is a track and field specialist.

He competes on the local stage and is aiming for the Olympics in the next 4 years.

Lackey works as a sports conditioning coach and a sports massage therapist.

The past 3 years of being single have allowed him to evaluate what he wants.

Lackey is open to “The Bachelorette” experience to show him other possibilities of love.

Kyran Wright, 32, from Cape Town

Kyran Wright. Picture: Supplied

Wright is at his best when he is surrounded by nature.

He became a father at a young age and had to grow up real fast.

Wright returned to university to pursue an education and career in ecology so he can provide for his young child as well as make an impact on a cause close to his heart.

He sees potential for romance with Van Damme, given the opportunity. Wright is very clear of who he is and what he wants out of life.

For him, this will be a true journey to find love with Van Damme.

The Bachelorette SA“ starts on Thursday, February 11 at 7.30pm on M-Net, DSTV channel 101.

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