Survivor SA: Philippines winner, Tom. Picture: Supplied

Despite rubbing almost every other Castaway and viewers up the wrong way at some stage during the course of this season, adventure camp manager Tom Swartz still convinced the "Survivor South Africa: Philippines" Jury to award him the R1 Million prize money and title of ‘Sole Survivor’. 

The announcement was made during the two-hour long "Survivor SA" finale, which was broadcast live on M-Net from Cape Town. 

Having broken his promise to not vote against Werner last week after Jeanne convinced him he didn’t stand a chance against the Pastor before the Jury, Tom knew that a victory in the final Individual Immunity Challenge this week would be crucial – not just because it would guarantee him a spot in the Final Two, but also because it would offer him an unprecedented advantage in changing the composition of the Jury by voting one of its members off, before making a case for the million. It wasn’t to be, though, as he lost focus first during the mesmerizing final challenge and left Jeanne to claim the pivotal victory over Annalize when the latter faltered.

Jeanne then took Tom to the finale with her and the Jury couldn’t wait to ask them why either of them deserved to win. 

Both PK and Vusi wasted no time in attacking Jeanne and Tom, accusing them of not playing the game but rather piggy banking on others. 

Although both Jeanne and Tom pleaded their cases, in the end it was Tom who won. 

Tom, who comes from East London said he plans on buying the house he currently lives in. 

M-Net also announced a new season of the show that is set to start in 2019. Entries are open via