Rey. Picture: Twitter

Twitter called out body shamers, women on women hate and Rey proves that you will miss out on a “fabulous” woman because they are not your "type".

The recent episode of Date My Family brought a new perspective and shunned a lot of stereotypes around fully figured women.

Last night we met a confident, fierce and beautiful 29-year old Rey from Joburg who brought her A game to the show and left many in awe of her awesomeness.

“I’m a lover of life, passionate, fabulous and spontaneous. I’m single because I’m overqualified”.

Rey met with three bachelor's (Siya, Ali and Sugar)'s families for dinner while the potential partners watched from a different locations.

All the families including the bachelors immediately judged Rey on her body and the bachelors were heard saying she's not what I expected until she opened her mouth.

Rey is so comfortable in her body that she was not bothered by the judgement eyes and nasty remarks from family members.

Black Twitter didn't hold back in slamming those body shaming Rey.

One family in particular went pulled all the stops to impress Rey. The decor, celeb friends, waiter, stretch tent, the works.and his friends were bunch of fun and welcoming expect for the ladies who were disapproving of Rey, saying she's not what what Ali would go for.

Then there was Sugar from" a small surburb called Mamelodi", who got viewers on stitches with numerous real names, who wants to date a "God-fearing slay queen" and his preference of dating white women.

Ali's friends made a good impression, it's no wonder Rey chose him and the duo looked so good together.

While many have recently been complaining about  Mzansi Magic's staged shows, it seems Rey brought back the real with many complimenting the authenticity of the show.