Khetani from Date My Family. Picture: Twitter

Twitter was pleasantly surprised by Sunday's episode of Date My Family when Khetani, shocked the families of his potential dates with his quick clap backs. 

The bachelor came off as a shy when he introduced himself, gaining less respect from the potential families as they conversed with him during the three dinners. 

However things got heated up when Khetani defended himself and answered the questions from the family members, who came across as rude to some of the viewers.

Khetani began to surprise viewers with his unbridled thoughts when he stated that, upon arrival at the house of the second family, he thought that the woman who opened the door for him was a hooker. 

Twitter fans were ready to label Khetani as a boring and shy bachelor, who was likely to not get  a second date with his potential partner, until the second family asked Khetani what turned him off in a woman, to which he responded: "They (women) keep on saying they want a real man, but they've got fake nails, fake eyebrows and fake everything". Khetani then went on: "I don't want to sleep with a model and wake up with a ghost", he added.

Twitter users were stuck between calling the Date My Family bachelor a savage, or the 'God of clapbacks'. Take a look at some of their tweets below: