Twitter reacts to Faith Nketsi’s drama-filled wedding on #HaveFaith

Faith Nketsi Njilo. Picture: Instagram

Faith Nketsi Njilo. Picture: Instagram

Published Sep 6, 2022


Johannesburg - Faith Nketsi’s drama-filled wedding to wealthy businessman Nzuzo Njilo played out on Monday night in the latest episode of season four of her reality show, “Have Faith” on MTV.

During the episode, Nketsi seemed to get very little support arranging and organising all the details around her wedding, despite her being pregnant at the time.

Nketsi’s mom also shared an emotional diary session in which she said Nketsi’s father, who she’s no longer together with, used to abuse her and that his attendance at the wedding was triggering.

Many viewers on social media sympathised with her mom. Others also felt Nketsi’s lack of support throughout was deserved, seeing as she has in the past failed to show up for those around her, including for her best friend Kim during her own pregnancy.

@Bongeka_ wrote:“#havefaith kinda sad to hear that the only person helping faith is the helper,” Tweeted @bongeka___. “And none of her family members are helping. Let’s just hope she sees how important it is to show up for others.”

“Nothing against Faith but Kim went through her pregnancy and her friends were not around,” added Yenziwe_Dhlomo.

“Equally with her cousins, it has been mentioned that she is never around. Now we all know she is a busy woman but let's not crucify the people around her for giving same energy. #havefaith.”

Despite all the drama, some appreciated Nketsi's wedding look.

“Can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful our bride is 😍?” said @Leslee_ZA. “But I didn’t expect anything less though #MTVHaveFaith #HaveFaith”

The actual wedding took place in April. Nketsi shared some of the images from her big day on Instagram shortly after.

In a recent interview with IOL Entertainment, Nketsi shared how this season of “Have Faith” will see her sharing more of her family dynamics.

“There’s definitely more family stuff,” she said. “Especially black families and how everything really is, so we really don’t sugar coat anything.

“With every season I definitely try to make everything better and I definitely try to connect more with people and be more present. It’s more about me and starting a new family and growing.”