Businessman Musa Mseleku with his wives, from left, Nokukhanya MaYeni, Busisiwe MaCele, Thobile MaKhumalo and Mbali MaNgwabe. Picture: Supplied

Last night’s episode of Uthandonesthembu saw Mzansi witnessing the Mseleku wives reaching a consensus that “There will be no wife number five!"

Leading the talks was MaYeni also known as 'uBabes we candy crush', and she made it clear that the fifth wife would not be welcome. While many hailed MaYeni for her tenacity and fierceness in standing up against Musa's request, others thought he was a dictator.

Mseleku insisted he wants to fifth wife so he can fulfill his desire to have 20 children, which made him come across as "insensitive", taking into consideration that wife number three, MaKhumalo is battling to fall pregnant.

Mseleku told his wives not to get confused about the reasons why he married them.

"You are confused about why you are in this are here to expand the Mseleku clan," says Mseleku in his defense.

The wives stood their ground against Mseleku but it was MaYeni who gave Musa the hard time, asking him if he's "running a factory since he wants to produce so many children".

And then Twitter CSI found the mystery woman in Mseleku's life: Or is it this one? And this "The walk of defeat" is the winner:

We will just have to wait and see if Mseleku would honour his wives's wishes or if he will add wife number 5 to the family.