"Uyajola99" host Jub Jub. Picture: Instagram
"Uyajola99" host Jub Jub. Picture: Instagram

'Uyajola99' serves up fiery drama

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Aug 5, 2019

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Sunday's instalment of "Uyajola99" left Moja Love viewers reeling in confusion.

The reality show started with a 22-year complainant, Mbali, who has a newborn baby with Tshepo. 

Mbali wrote to "Uyajola99" because she suspected Tshepo was cheating on her. First, Jub Jub’s "amaroto" (private investigators) claimed they found nothing incriminating on Tshepo. 

To everyone’s amazement, the confrontation took place nonetheless. Mbali found Tshepo chilling with a bunch of ladies at a restaurant/pub in Diepkloof and she started fighting with the lady who was sitting next to her man. The lady explained she was not Tshepo’s girlfriend and Mbali later apologised.

Viewers were not impressed with Jub Jub and the show for not doing their homework prior to the confrontation stage.

However, it seems tweeps spoke to soon because it was later revealed that the "amaroto" discovered that Tshepo was cheating. 

Armed with evidence on the second confrontation stage, Jub Jub and his crew went to Tshepo’s home. 

Tshepo saw the cameras and ran for his life, to the backroom, where the crew found three individuals on the bed - the topless girl - (the same who denied being Tshepo’s girlfriend earlier), and another girl who was naked but claimed she was with the other guy.

While many were still trying to wrap their head around the situation, Tshepo’s mother burst in, hurling insults at Mbali.

The mother told Mbali that Tshepo has a wife, though it seems the family is well aware of Tshepo and Mbali ‘s affair. Talk about drama.

Viewers took to Twitter following the action-packed episode that left everyone confused:

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