The Visayas tribe had spoken and Murishca was voted off in last night's episode of Survivor SA

In the latest episode of Survivor South Africa: Philippines, the Visayas tribe had spoken and Murishca was voted off.

Surprised to see her name scribbled out three times at tribal council, the Capetonian handed over her torch to Nico, said a few words to her tribe, and left the island.  

In the days leading up to tribal council, Murishca found herself trapped between two warring factions in the Visayas tribe unable to pledge alliance to either side.

But her ultimate downfall was when she disclosed the fact that her head wasn’t entirely in the game.

We spoke to her soon after her departure to find out about her experience on the show.

Why did you decide to enter the show?

I went through such a personal issue last year, that just made me want to do things differently. So I entered Survivor on a whim. I’m a huge reality show fan and I said to myself, why not just do it — and I did!

How did you prepare for Survivor South Africa: Philippines?

I was mentally freaking out. Deep waters scared me but when they asked us to rate our swimming ability, I said I was a 7/10. I was actually a 4/10. 

So when I found out that I was chosen to go to the island, I quickly joined a gym, even though I only went for 30 minutes a day. 

I also starved myself from sugar and caffeine — because I become a mean person without it and I didn't want to be mean on the island. I also waxed every part of my body, I did not want to be caught on camera with a mustache.

What was your strategy going into the game?

I always wanted to align myself with strong guys. So Tevin and PK were my best bet. I wanted them to view me as weaker so they keep me in the game, but I wanted to surprise them with how strong of a player I actually was. Obviously I didn't get that far.

What did you learn from this experience?

I am definitely a lot stronger physically. I know now that I need my family for my sanity. I never ever put all my trust in a human, I needed to be humbled to change my mindset now.

Who is your money on to win the game?

Tevin, Tony or PK.