A scene from The Queen. Picture: Twitter

Monday night's episode of The Queen was just too much Shona Ferguson's emotional scene got fans, colleagues and even his wife weeping. Ferguson who plays the character of Jerry gave a stellar performance as he confronts his fiance about her sleeping with his son. 

After making a discovery that the woman he’s about to marry isn’t just pregnant with his son’s child, the whole family knew about the affair Jerry broke down.

Taking to Twitter, Ferguson’s wife Connie said that watching her husband sobbing on television "ripped" her heart " to shreds".

"Watching Shona cry like that ripped my heart to shreds! Funny how he’s the one consoling me now, telling me 'baby it’s just acting' like I don’t know! Now I’m crying and laughing at the same damn time! Bravo Mr. Sho!"

It seems Connie wasn't the only one in sobs.  Fans also hailed Ferguson for his award-winning performance. IOL