Dineo Ranaka. Picture: Supplied

It baffles me why people would go on national television to bare their deepest deepest secrets instead of just doing it in the privacy of their homes.

As reality shows gain popularity in our country, it's understandable when show's such as YimLo, Big Secret and Uyandanda Na often make it onto our social media trends lists.

On last night’s episode of YimLo, hosted by Dineo Ranaka, we met  26-year-old Thuli from Soshanguve, Pretoria.

Thuli, a mother of two, asked Dineo and the YimLo team to accompany her to tell her parents that she is involved in an "exchange of goods".

She said on weekends she goes out to the local taverns in mini-skirts, after few drinks, she would approach a potential “buyer”, negotiate the price, once the agreement has been reached, she and the buyer will then sleep together.

Thuli however insists that what she’s doing is not prostitution, it’s "an exchange of goods”.

It's not prostitution it's "exchanging of goods"😂🤣🤣🤣#yimlo

While some were amazed by Thuli's parents reaction to news, others were shocked by Thuli not wanting her boyfriend to know about her secret.

I could see this fathers pain right through, can't imagine how a father would feel that her daughter is being used by men. yet he's able to only speak words of wisdom to his daughter... #yimlo this episode was heartbreaking

The parents seem so supportive. They love their daughter regardless. That’s comforting. All the best to Thuli’s family #yimlo

#yimlo how I wish all dads were as loving and supportive as Thuli's dad. 😢😢😢
Respect to Papa Thuli

Guys Thuli's dad neh
Such a dad neh
Such a dad#Yimlo

#YimLo heban her parents are so chilled pic.twitter.com/P6bDxSN3Z7

U don't want him to know but u on TV #yimlo pic.twitter.com/o2nrOD5PBT

#yimlo You don't wanna tell your Boyfriend that you're a prostitute, but you're on TV telling the whole nation including the Guptas, eban😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/rnEu2lGXi6

I hope you guys are not going for the boyfriend files,he didn't pay his DSTV.?#yimlo pic.twitter.com/d9ON9QNCzc

#yimlo this girl say she don't want her boyfriend to find out but she is on TV pic.twitter.com/WEFU9DofH3

How does she not want her boyfriend to know but let's the whole countree know? #Yimlo pic.twitter.com/Oh2llkjx9k

Thuli says she doesn't want her partner to find out kodwa she went on national tv. Balance me real quick. #Yimlo pic.twitter.com/r8BNntr8V4

She does not want her current partner to know. yet she is choosing to reveal such a huge secret on TV, for everyone to see.... EVERYONE.....! 😔#yimlo

#yimlo You don't wanna tell your Boyfriend that you're a prostitute, but you're on TV telling the whole nation including the Guptas, eban😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/rnEu2lGXi6

At the end everyone agreed that Thuli needs help.

This girl is very brave and I hope she'll get help. #yimlo

Such stories are really sad honestly , unemployment is real . not having money is real , being a mother is more real .. along with the frustration of not being able to afford them..along with the stress of no qualifications 💔💔#YimLo

Thuli’s story is a reality to a lot of people outtchea #yimlo pic.twitter.com/GwQNn2MfZu

This is the sad reality of some girls in our townships.unfortunately not all guys who father kids r invested in raising the child and the woman is left to fend for herself. With mouths to feed, this is at most times they only way they put food on the table #YimLo


All Thuli deserves is a Big, Long Hug. No questions, no judgements, nothing! Just a big hug nje.

People go through the most out there.

#YimLo Her story is so heartbreaking, you know. We take mothers for so much granted and when they go to hell and back just to offer us heaven. pic.twitter.com/2mJiSYYrCz