The host of Yobe Siyabonga Thwala. Picture: Twitter

The latest episode of  Mzansi Magic's Yobe caused a social media frenzy when a convicted rapist seeks the forgiveness of the woman he raped "because of what she wore on the day".

The show, presented by actor Siyabonga Twala, follows the journeys of convicts who try to make amends with the victims of their crimes. 

Khubone, who was 16 at the time, held 13-year-old Betty at knife point and led her to a nearby veld, where he raped her.

Khubone, who is currently serving a 12-year sentence, wrote a letter seeking Betty to pardon him.

When the social worker asked Khubone how he will respond should Betty ask why did he chose to rape her, he said, it was because she was wearing tight pants. 

Viewers flocked to Twitter to express their fury to that statement, with some saying Khubone 's apology is not sincere, others said he just wanted to get parole.

Tweeps' fury escalated when Betty reminded Khubone's mother of some of the hurtful things she said to her in defense to his son.

Betty explained that the perpetrator's mother told her mother to have left the matter alone as the kids were drunk and implied the sex was consensual.

The mother denied saying anything, she added that she doesn't even remember her. 

Though Betty seemed hurt and angry, she said she forgave both Khubone and his mother. Betty was commended for declaring that she's not a victim but a survivor.

Other survivors also took to Twitter to share their heartbreaking stories.


Yobe airs on channel 161 Mzansi Magic every Tuesday at 8pm