DJ Zinhle and Azania Mosaka. Picture: Real Talk On 3 / Twitter
DJ Zinhle and Azania Mosaka. Picture: Real Talk On 3 / Twitter

#RealTalkOn3: DJ Zinhle talks AKA, her new book and why she'll never marry

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Jun 19, 2018

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Azania Mosaka's second guest on 'Real Talk On 3', since taking over the reins from Anele Mdoda on Monday was local music producer, DJ Zinhle.

The conversation kicks off with Azania making reference to the special Father’s Day message DJ Zinhle posted on Sunday, as a tribute to her daughter Kairo’s father, rapper AKA.

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Sharing a photo of her daughter Kairo with AKA DJ Zinhle wrote:”I hope you feel as special every other day of the year, as you do today! Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad, the coolest dad, ey 😂.... but also the strictest dad... Glad to be doing this with you, Kairo is the luckiest girl. (sic)"

Zinhle and AKA have seemingly set aside the past, as AKA also shared a heartfelt tribute to Zinhle on Mother’s Day in May, which got tongues wagging and peeps wondering if the pair had gotten back together as AKA had announced his split from television star girlfriend, Bonang Matheba. 

In a recent interview Zinhle set the record straight, explaining that they are in a “good space”. Kiernan (AKA's real name) and I are at a good stage and space in our lives. He’s very supportive and a good dad."

Chatting to Azania on Tuesday, Zinhle further explained that AKA is a “cool dad but he’s very strict”.

Asked if there are any talks of getting back together, in between the chuckles, Zinhle said: One thing South Africa are not short of is hope, but we had this conversation recently and we just decided, ‘let’s start a new conversation about co-parenting”.

We just want to get along and be there for each other, we don’t want to rob Kairo of moments because we are not together as a couple. We want her to experience as much family moments as possible”.

The new segment in the show includes surprise moments, and Zinhle’s first surprise was AKA’s mother  Lynn Forbes, congratulating Zinhle on her book “Meeting your Power”.

She said: “Hi Zee, look at you you are now officially a published author, wow! How amazing is that, congratulations! 

"I’m so proud of you and very excited for you because I know you’ve been working on this and so many other projects for a long time, and it’s finally happening. I cannot wait to get my hands on a signed copy of course to read it from back to front because I’m sure it’s filled with wisdom and inspiration from which so many people would be able to draw. 

"So well done once again, you are loved and adored, and you are such a special human being, all the best for this and all the other projects.” 

Meeting The Power: Returning Home to Self is a women empowerment book that Zinhle co-written with leadership coach Nokubonga Mbanga. Viewers were encouraged to send their questions and the first question was about "how do you forgive someone who has wronged you".

"Forgives starts with need to forgive yourself first. And also forgive people without them asking for an apology, so that you can move on to a better space. Forgiveness is about you, your own progress, your own healing, it's not about the next person...forgiveness is a gift to self".

In the book the two ladies share some of their personal experiences. Zinhle opened up about her insecurities growing up, she was told she will never get married because she was lazy.

"There's lot of things that I still can't do like cook or clean properly. I grew up believing I will never amount to anything... no one will marry you because I called lazy, vila voco, which loosely translates to extreme laziness.

Azania asked if that was the reason she was previously quoted that she will never get married, which Zinhle said she's too independent to get married.

"I will never get married... I’m too independent and I enjoy my space. I can't imagine sharing my house with someone else."I just never had the desire, or passion to get married."

Who knows perhaps someone will sweep her feet and change her mind about marriage.

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