The Voice SA coaches, from left: Kahn, Lira, Bobby and Karen. Picture: Twitter

NOT SO long ago we published two stories about The Voice SA contestants, Richard Stirton and Gavin Edwards.

The pair went far in the competition, with Stirton winning it in the end. The good news is that both singers have now jump-started their careers with an album apiece.

Success stories like this make us look forward to new seasons of The Voice SA and if you, too, feel the same way, then you’ll be happy that it is in the works.

Entertainment writers attended the second season’s auditions of The Voice this week and there are things that we can tell you, but we are sworn to secrecy about others.

The show will return to your screens in January, but the auditions are under way. What we can confirm is, if you thought that the first season was great, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The beauty of this programme is that the coaches never see the singer until they turn their chairs around.

This means that they are excited about what the contestant has to offer. In many cases, who they see and the voice they heard doesn’t usuallyoften don’t match. In many cases.

Frequently, I also tried to look away and listen to singers and imagine what they lookeded like. I could not get it right, not once. That’s why The Voice’s format is so brilliant.

It is probably the only show that respects the music enough to concentrate on the vocal abilities before we get to the lookimage. It simply takes one back to the days of radio, before the advent of TV.

Back then, people then just made records and they were judged by how they sounded and not by how they look likeed. Now, thanks to TV and social media, we see the artist before we even hear their music and terms such as “total package” are thrown aroundbout. This means that the less you look like Chris Brown or Beyonce, the less likely you are to be taken seriously.

That’s why the bleach and weave industry isies are booming. People are highly invested in looks. What about the vocals, you mayight wonder? Well, that’s what Auto-Tune mics are for.

One thing you will really like about the second season is the rapport that’s between the coaches.

Lira is still the most competitive, while Karen Zoid throws in the calm, seductive traps for those she wants to mentor and Bobby van Jaarsveld is still a hit with the ladies.

And Kahn Morbee? Well, he won last year with Stirton and so he he uses this in his pitch as much as possible.

Overall, it’s the second season and the coaches have more experience, on the show and so they are more comfortable and they the operate as a well-oiled machine.


• The Voice SA, season two, airs on a date to be announced in January on M-Net. The Voice SA contestantscoaches, Bobby, Karen, Lira and Kahn