Tumi Morake and her husband Mpho Osea-Tutu
Tumi Morake and her husband Mpho Osea-Tutu
Boity Thulo
Boity Thulo

Munya Vomo

Rolling With… returns to our screens on e.tv next week for a fourth season as the Celeb Edition. While the previous seasons brought viewers the likes of Zola, Kelly Khumalo and Mandoza, this time a host of celebrities will be seen in one season.

Some of the faces to look out for include Dr Malinga, Boity Thulo, Bujy Bikwa, Mzambiya, Tumi Morake, Mpho Osea-Tutu, Khanyi Mbau, Rebecca Malope, Ishmael, Trevor Gumbi, DJ Tira and Andile Gaeliswe.

Tonight caught up with some of them to get a sense of what they got themselves into and what viewers can expect from the new season.


“At first I wasn’t sure this would be something I wanted to do with my life because I am a very private person,” said Malope.

All fans know about the gospel star is her music and to a large extent she prefers it that way. Going much beyond that would be breaching her own rule. So it took the Rolling With… the Celeb Edition crew a few attempts to convince her.

“They assured me that it was casual so you will not see me wake up first thing in the morning or anything private like that.

“Instead, you will see us going to church, to the studio with Sizwe Zako where we are working on the 35th album and then at home with me cooking,” she said.

“I did it mainly because I just wanted to show my fans that there is nothing extraordinary about the lives we live. We just happen to have jobs that are in the media, but other-wise we lead normal lives,” she said.


“I didn’t think I was interesting enough to have some cameras follow me. In fact, when I look at my life, I think it is just boring so it didn’t make sense to want to show that on TV,” she said.

The persuasive production crew at Rolling With… the Celeb Edition kept at it and put things into perspective, making her feel obliged to do it in the end.

“I think they were right because when we shot (the show) I realised that my life is busier than I thought,” she revealed.

Although she has done a lot of TV work, Rolling With… the Celeb Edition is Thulo’s first reality TV show and she admitted the experience was rather different.

“It got a bit awkward when we stepped into public places like restaurants where people looked at us because of all the cameras, but we didn’t let that change how we would act. We shot for only three days, but it felt like a lot and I am happy with what we got,” she said.


“I think I only joined because I believe in trying anything at least once. I must say though, at first I didn’t think it would work because I wasn’t ‘celeb’ enough, if there is such a thing. I didn’t believe people were curious enough to want to know more about me,” she said.

Needless to say, she agreed to have her life shown on TV in a manner we haven’t seen before. The cherry on top being that she will be with her husband, fellow comic, Mpho Osea-Tutu.

“Hubby is a very private man so after the production crew convinced me, I then had to convince him as to why we should do this,” she said.

As we enter the home of the comedian couple, Morake warned that what will be shown might not meet people’s expectations.

“It’s amazing that people think that in our house we are always laughing when this is not the case.

“We are just family-oriented people who live a normal life. If laughter finds us, then great, but we are not going out of our way to crack up each other,” said Morake.


“I agreed to be on the show because I believe there is a lot people don’t know about me,” said an ecstatic Mzambiya.

“Every time I go quiet people think I don’t have stuff to do, but what you will see on Rolling With… the Celeb Edition is that I have a part ownership in a production company which does some animation and music production,” the kwaito artist said.

He also revealed he has been in the studio recording some more material, although it is not yet ready for release.

“The music is coming soon, but what I like about this Rolling With… the Celeb Edition is that you will get to see my other projects like the CSI work I do, the spiritual side of Mzambiya and you even get to meet my mom.”


“There is a lot I wanted people to know about Dr Malinga. We go through a lot outside the music business and I want people to know that I am a simple guy,” said the musician.

The story of his life could easily impress young fans enough to make them start dreaming about their own futures.

“The sad thing is I watch reality series from abroad and they are all fake. With me, all you see is the real, but unfortunately we will only have one episode of Dr Malinga. Who knows, maybe this episode will generate enough interest to get them to give us a season,” he said.

Rolling With… the Celeb Edition premieres on Sunday at 6.30pm on e.tv.