Loyiso Madinga, Loyiso Gola Riaad Moosa, and Tumi Morake. Picture: Compiled

Local comedians Loyiso Madinga, Riaad Moosa, Tumi Morake and Loyiso Gola in the 'Comedians of the World' special on Netflix filmed in Montreal, Canada. 

The special started streaming on New Year’s Day featuring 47 comedians from 13 regions four of which are some of Mzansi’s finest comedians. 

We chatted to all four comedians to find out all about the experience doing Comedians of the World with Netflix.

Loyiso Madinga is one of the newest faces on the comedy scene and also recently became the South African correspondent for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Speaking on this Madida says, “It’s cool. I think it’s just fun to have the platform to create satirical material for the world.”

As the “youngster” amongst some veteran comedians said that comedy in SA is a very supportive community and that Gola and Moosa were very supportive going into the filming of the Netflix special. “And we were all equally nervous about the special. So having each other there was dope.”

WTF Tumi host Tumi Morake was the only rose amongst the South African thorns and shared that while being a woman in other industries might be a crutch, in comedy she’s only had a great experience. “I feel sad for women in more formal spaces where they don’t get the type of support you get as a female comedian.”

“I don’t know how it works in the rest of the world, but my South African experience because all this industry wants is for women to thrive.”

When the video streaming giant approached Morake to do the special the radio personality was taken aback and told them she would reply the next day. However, once the shock blew over she obviously said yes and told herself “when it’s your time, it’s your time”. 

While talking about actually filming the special with Netflix Morake only had positive things to say. “Netflix makes sure that all you have to worry about is your work everything else is taken care of. So the frightening thing for me that I was scared I haven’t travelled my comedy long enough.” However, these fear didn’t stop Morake form putting on a great show during the special. 

One the most recognisable faces to the comedy scene is Doctor Riaad Moosa. The well-known Capetonian such as the other comedians was also excited when he received the call for the special. And the only thing for him was as a family man he had to work out a bunch of logistical issues. 

That this was an opportunity of a lifetime and even “if the went bad I would be a better comedian”.  “I’m just lucky the show went well and the audience laughed.” 

Moosa also shared about his insecurities performing inform of a totally foreign audience. 

“You have this insecurity of performing in front of foreign audiences who don’t know what you know. 

They’re looking at me confused. This bra is from Africa, speaks in this weird way and looks Arab. And says he’s a so-called apartheid classified coloured.”

“What am I looking at here? They have no idea how to contextualise me. That’s why I started off the special speaking about my accent.”

The comedian, however, had a very successful set and one of the funniest in the South African region category. 

Loyiso Gola is one of South Africa’s most outspoken comedians and is no stranger to travelling with his comedy. When asked about whether he approaches writing from a foreign audience in a different fashion Gola says: “It’s the same thing. I always tell them my stories. And get asked all the time. It’s because as South Africans we have low self-esteem. ”

“Take for example a movie maker making a movie about Cleveland. Now, why the f**k should we care about Cleveland? But when they talk about Cleveland they talking about it as a thing that exists. 

“Then what happens we [South Africans] and we go are they gonna understand us? Hence, I keep my story and my stand up as authentic to South Africa as possible.”

Upon receiving the call from Netflix Gola’s first response was, “Oh sh*t!” and that he was still trying to celebrate then the next moment contracts were sent his way. 

Speaking on the film process Gola gushed about the big production behind the special and while his years of experience did help calm his nerves. At the back of his mind, he was still going “Yeah but this is for Netflix, so don't’ f**k it up”. However, he says that while there was pressure because of Netflix’s platform he still had a lot of fun. 

* Comedians of the World is currently streaming on Netflix.