TV PERSONALITY Lalla Hirayama (pictured) has added another feather to her cap after joining the judging panel of this season’s SA’s Got Talent.

As part of the new line-up of judges this year, Hirayama will sit alongside resident judge Shado Twala and new judge DJ Fresh. Hirayama and Fresh replace Kabelo Mabalane and Ian von Memerty.

“It’s an absolute honour to be part of this team. I just want to start already because we have known about this for a long time. We have had to fight hard to keep it quiet and it’s good that finally the time is right. I want to get out there and see all the talent because I know South Africa has a lot,” she explained.

Looking at Twala and DJ Fresh, Hirayama placed herself in between as the judge whom contestants will most probably be drawn to.

“DJ Fresh speaks his mind, so does Mam’ Shadoso. I think I am going to be the nice judge,” she said.

Twala welcomed the two judges, but also let it be known that she would miss Von Memerty and Mabalane.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I learnt that the two people I was working with before were not coming back. I was anxious to find out and wasn’t told for a while and the reality is I am going to miss the two guys because we had our fights and they stood their ground when it came to who they wanted. They made me cry so many times,” she said.

“However, when I did discover who was coming on it became a sense of starting over again. I have listened to Fresh on the radio so I know we will be laughing at lot. Also, it will bring some ‘Freshness’ to the show, but I need the two new judges to know that because I cried a lot last year, it doesn’t mean I am a push over,” she explained.

• SA’s Got Talent premiers on September 7 at 6.05pm on