Hlubi Mboya

WHILE watching TV the other day I bumped into an action flick called Death Race 3. It comes off the success of the other two films that starred Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson.

It was shot largely, and as usual, with those situations local talent is asked to join. Unlike in some cases where South African actors get small parts in international movies, in Death Race 3 that was different and one of the most prominent actors was none other than Hlubi Mboya (pictured). She starred next to big Hollywood actors like Danny Trejo and Ving Rhames.

“I had never worked on something of that magnitude and so it was an honour to see the car accidents and the explosions,” Mboya said.

For her it was a high leap into super-stardom and she was grateful to be part of a huge project considering her humble beginnings.

“From playing uNandipha on Isidingo to this, it was really humbling. I really just want to continue having these leaps offaith in my career,” she said.

This leap of faith sees Mboya continue to work on different jobs every now and again. After leaving Isidingo several years ago, Mboya returns to her SABC family on Mfolozi Street, an SABC1 drama about pain, loss, revenge, love and epiphany.

“I play the role of Nomasonto and I obviously live in Mfolozi Street. The show focuses on a neighbourhood that has South Africans who are basically trying to get by. They are of the notion that you don’t blame it on Mandela or on Mugabe; you focus on what you have to do to.

“I love playing Sonto because she is someone that I have never played. She is a young woman with dreams of becoming a Coca-Cola pop star and yet she has two kids to support.”

For Mboya, the characters’ interactions give the viewer something to look forward to because they are relatable.

“I think everyone will find a piece of themselves in the characters and this is not because of the township setting but it also has to do with the daily situations that these people have to go through,” Mboya said.

In the story we follow Lindani Yengwa who returns to Mfolozi Street after his parents die in a hit-and-run accident. While Lindani has to worry about taking care of his 10-year-old sister, Lindani also has revenge on his mind.

“The beauty of Mfolozi Street is that nothing is as it seems. As viewers will see, there isn’t a way to tell what’s really going on. Some people appear successful and yet it’s just a front while others come across as poor and yet they have a hidden wealth. It’s street is full of secrets.


• Mfolozi Street airs every Monday at 8.30pm on SABC1.