Bored of Jersey Shore’s The Situation and his peeps? Perhaps it’s time for something new. Something not set on American soil. No, were are not talking about a Jozi Shore, that will come later. For now we have to pay attention to the |next reality series |to come out of the UK, writes Munyaradzi Vomo

Named Geordie Shore, you would never guess this series is from Newcastle in the UK, unless you knew the history of the place.

Unlike the other UK reality TV sensation, The Only Way Is Essex (Towie), Geordie Shore is not about rich kids flaunting their posh lifestyles. Actually, it is about ordinary Brit youngsters who live ordinary lives but have an extraordinary love for the party life.

Meet Charlotte, Gaz, Greg, Holly, James, Jay, Sophie and Vicky from Newcastle, who form the cast of Geordie Shore. The ladies are amazingly hot while the dudes are typical buff poster boys. Tonight had a chance to chat with one of them, James Tindale, about the show and why you should watch it.

“It is about four boys and girls who live in the same house and do things together,” explained Tindale in a deep English accent.

Tindale, 20, is a transport manager who loves to work out. He is a neat freak who uses hair straighteners, always smells good and makes his bed “just in case he brings someone home”.

For him the Geordie Shore gig came quite by accident: “I met one of the scouts at a local pub here before they shot the show. We had so many laughs, to the point that I then made their cut without knowing it.”

Soon a few other youngsters were handpicked for the show and their lives changed from then on.

“Because the clubbing scene is so small, everyone knows everyone else so I knew three people who were selected for the show. That made it easy for me to fit in. But there was a lad I’d never met who I became the closest to,” explained Tindale.

With every one of these reality shows you can almost tell that drama will be the main ingredient. People just can’t live harmoniously together as that would be deemed boring. Instead, that Big Brother set-up they are in is fertile ground for the cast to rub each other up the wrong way.

“None of us has been on TV before so everything we do is as real as it gets. We get along, but sometimes our tempers get in the way and we lose it. None of it is scripted,” Tindale said.

A typical day on the show for Tindale involves him juggling his day job with his gym addiction and hitting the night life with his cast mates.

“After working in the day time, we spend a lot of time clubbing and having a blast,” he said.

So why watch the show, you may ask yourself? Well, if you can stomach the Kardashians then you are a drama junkie and this one is for you.

For Tindale, this show has changed his life from an unknown transport manager to an in-demand celebrity overnight.

“It is amazing how people view me now. There is a huge difference between then and now. It is beautiful, but there is also the problem of fans always asking to take pictures in the club. It gets tiring after a while.”

Speaking of fans, extreme supporters of the show have given Tindale unforgettable memories with some of their outrageous requests.

“I have had fans ask me to sign autographs in certain places that I wasn’t comfortable with. Then, sometimes when we go to hotels, there are people who appear as room service and then show their true intentions,” he said chuckling.

I know a bunch of guys who’d give anything to be in Tindale’s position and as much as he tries to downplay it, the man loves the perks of his job.

Now the scandal has to divert from Towie to the controversies surrounding the Geordie crew.

If you do enjoy the show you’ll be happy to know Tindale hopes to visit South Africa.

“I am glad they are playing the show far out there and I hope sooner or later we will make a plan to come and promote it there,” he said.

• Geordie Shore, MTV (DStv channel 130), Mondays to Fridays at 11pm, from Monday.