Abomama on Mzansi Magic's telenovella.
The last episode of Abomama
 featured Bonanza declaring war on all and sundry. Next thing we know, Lumka has been hit by a car and her spleen is torn. It never rains but pours for the women of prayer in this Mzansi Magic's telenovela. 

If Dora didn't kill Bonanza on Sunday — especially when he was offering to help them pay for surgery — we doubt she ever will. 

And Tshidi is still sleeping with Bonanza! Talk about keeping your enemies close. While that is happening — and while she' s trying to dodge the feelings Bonanza is sending her way —  it seems as though she will be rekindling things with Andrew — who just found out that he's impotent. Yes, he's been served with a large slice of humble pie. 

What was more puzzling is the seemingly antagonistic relationship that Mapule has with Detective Khoarane, who is currently investigating, among the many other cases he's dealing with, the murder of her brother, Thabang. She then decided to get her Sherlock Holmes on and get her own evidence, which nearly put their relationship at stake. Awkward Much

Another uncomfortable moment came from when Mamoruti Fumane, who broke down after realising that Moruti is still having an affair with Raki, which includes money exchanging hands between the pair. 

Yes tweeps. The devastation was a shared one:

Dora was on hand to console her friend. But that message she delivered in church on Sunday to Raki? Gold. WE ALL deserve friends like Dora, who won't let a little pettiness stand in the way of justice. The golden moment of the show happened when super cop Khoarane mysteriously found out that he had found Mancane in a shallow grave . next week's episode better tell us just how Khoarane knew. #JustSayin'. 

* Abomama airs every Sunday evening on channel 161 Mzansi Magic.