Style: "Dsty Taj blue"

GENERATIONS: Ngamla doesn’t like being put in his place, especially not by a woman. Jason gives Nicholas some food for thought. Dineo is shocked by who shows up at her door.

SCANDAL: Mangi’s first day as Chief Executive is interesting. Daniel tells Shakira his dark secret, which could be the mistake of his life. Eddie and Tino risk it all by breaking in to see Stan.

RHYTHM CITY: Lucilla and Miles make Nkhensani an offer for Redemption. David is quickly realising that the BK group is a threat which he can no longer ignore. Mamokete discovers evidence that someone has been sleeping at the gym.

THE WILD: Blessing struggles on his own with his anti-poaching programme and suggests a candidate for Lelo to recruit. Maxine’s control over the Go-Tladi staff leads Marang to take a drastic step.

INKABA: Nomsa grows closer to MK and sees that Kwezi’s life is at risk. The restaurant starts to cause tension in Slindile and Zama’s relationship. Lira takes a bet with Nothando that she can stage her own fashion event.

ISIDINGO: It’s Judgment day for the Horizon Deep rapist. McNamara is torn between finding Barker charming and sticking to the plan to expose a past crime. Sechaba gets an unexpected surprise at his party.

7DE LAAN: Aggie sees Lindile laughing and chatting to an unknown woman. The waitresses are glad Charmaine is back.

BINNELAND: Rian tells Delia how At is planning on getting rid of her, while Martin tests the water with Gideon – while Gideon also has a falling out with Charnay and accuses her of being jealous.

MUVHANGO: Thuli receives shocking news and Thivhulawi is back in town. Albert comes to Thandaza’s aid. Mapule and James tell everyone about their engagement.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Steffy admits to Taylor that she had lied about Hope being in Aspen and her involvement in keeping Liam away from her. Hope runs into Liam and interrogates him about the state of his marriage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: The Judge hands down his sentence of twenty years to Nicole. Sami is furious that Nicole didn’t get the maximum of 70 years because the judge feels Nicole was remorseful.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Adam’s confession derails his relationship with Sharon and fuels Jack’s deter-mination to prove he can leave the hospital.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Louisa and Mondo turn against Erica and Carmen, but Jack and Zach manage to find them in time. Kendall comforts Greenlee.