caption: Hunter Tylo stars as Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester in the CBS daytime drama THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, broadcast weekdays on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2005 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. copyright:

GENERATIONS: Choppa is in a spin when Pastor Jacobs tries to get hold of him. Queen is shocked by what Steve has to say. Glen promises Ngamla he will take care of things.

SCANDAL: Mangi hopes he has solved the problem with Shakes once and for all. To unsettle Donna, Daniel reminds her of a clause in her contract regarding romantic relationships with colleagues, but Donna assures Tino their secret is still safe.

RHYTHM CITY: Fearful of what Rocks might do to get revenge, Niki asks David for advice. He later reports back to Niki that Rocks has agreed to drop all thoughts of violence against them, with a very peculiar condition. S’bu finds it difficult to work with Eve.

THE WILD: Maxine and Amita remain at loggerheads concerning work, and one of the hosts at Dinaledi and Lelo makes a decision regarding her cleansing.

INKABA: Bra shakes discovers more disturbing clues about what Thuli and Gus are up to. Kwezi comes to Nothando’s rescue, but his offer could cause several people to react badly.

ISIDINGO: Katlego has mixed emotions when she hears her baby has been born. Charlie resolves not to be a victim and takes control of her life. Barker is delighted to learn his son is starting to take after him.

7DE LAAN: Pulani confides in Felicity about her problems. The sparks fly among Vince, Neville and Gita. Lilian leaves the Times, determined to find out who caused the whole debacle.

BINNELAND: Malan tells Adler he might stand a chance with Franz or Rian, as they are both on the outs with At. Vicky forms a very strong bond with At, while also realising how her mom’s life has changed.

MUVHANGO: Meiki tries to persuade Mampho to give Agnes a second chance. The uncles try to go against Vhangani and Seani’s wishes. Thuli and Njabulo meet.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Stephanie declares that their opposition towards each other is back on because of Brooke’s hiding from Ridge what happened on the island with Thomas. Taylor stumbles across a souvenir Thomas secretly brought home from the island.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Sami realises the crying woman, Meredith, is Emily’s sister. Kate pilfers Chloe’s cellphone before she is discharged from the hospital. Later, Kate poisons the brownies on the talk show set and plans for Chloe’s demise to occur on Daniel’s last day of taping.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Heather and Avery match wits at Sharon’s trial. Ronan reaches out to Chloe. Victor vows to help Sharon.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Zach worries that Kendall is getting too invested in her plans to destroy Greenlee. Kendall fears Greenlee, who has run away, might hurt her boys.