GENERATIONS: Zinhle is not about to let Noluntu steal her man. Isabel reels after MJ’s shock confession. Ruby is overjoyed when she gets proof her daughter’s alive. Turns out Zodwa was right all along. Mawande makes good on her threat and goes to the police. Sello finally tracks down Glen.

SCANDAL: Lucas’ relief at Mangi’s change in fortunes is eclipsed by a dark and disturbing shift. Lerumo makes a confession to Anzani which threatens to pose a very big problem for them. Ma’Rangaka alarms Gloria by revealing a far more sinister agenda than Gloria saw coming.

RHYTHM CITY: Big Man tries to find work. Miles and Lu visit a counsellor who might be able to help with Buhle. Bash and Jafta unite against Kop. Lucilla and Miles take Buhle to the counsellor, and receive some bad news.

ISIBAYA: Qondi receives good news, but has no hope. Samson drives a hard bargain when Khanyi asks for more. Sunday gets a powerful ingredient, while Mkhithi senses something dangerous.

ZABALAZA: Gasta’s worries deepen while Neli and Moss are forced to face a horrible truth about themselves. Qiniso truly wants to help out at the club. Ntsika lashes out at Mbali.

ISIDINGO: Katlego finally gets her hands on Amu’s phone. Ben does his best to get under Brad’s skin. Hamilton is more than happy to be on hand to comfort a heartbroken Lerato.

7DE LAAN: The strange happenings of late are getting on Ty’s nerves. The sparks fly when Sifiso bumps into Jackson at Stasie Ses. Will Pulane press charges against Jackson – and what will the consequences be? How did Antoinette’s bangle end up in Gita’s handbag?

SKEEM SAAM: Kwaito buys a big expensive gift for Lelo in the hope she will give him exactly what he wants. Mantuli tries a heartfelt tactic to get her son back home. Ma Kunutu is shocked when her visitor tells her what he plans to do with his life.

BINNELANDERS: Wimpie’s daughter finally arrives from Perth but it is very clear that she isn’t here to reconcile with her father. Quinton still feels threatened by Pippa, but does his best to be pro-active again. Bianca contacts Margot about Stian. Krige has a weird reaction to seeing a stranger.

MUVHANGO: Khomotjo learns the truth about the poison bottle. Borosi tries to wheedle his way into Hangwani’s heart. Gundo has a rude awakening at MMC. Phathudi’s Lawyer puts Lerumo on the spot. Busi sees Gundo through new eyes.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: After hearing Bill’s seemingly genuine profession of love for his wife, Donna urges Katie to reconcile. Hope tells Wyatt that she will marry Liam.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Victor refuses a truce with Stefano. Lexie tells Hope that Maggie’s living will had a do not resuscitate order and they will need to take her off life support. When Maggie is taken off the ventilator everyone is surprised when she starts breathing on her own.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Billy opens up to Jack, while Adam’s defence of Chelsea annoys Victor. Lily receives a surprising phone call, while Nikki’s secrecy puts a strain on her relationship with Victor.


BROKEN ANGEL: Gaspar realises that it was George who tried to poison him. Humberto hires Fernando to be Santa’s chauffeur so he can keep her under surveillance.

MY HEART BEATS FOR LOLA: Ramón and Marcelo hire an engineer to destroy the Santacruz Enterprises files. Rodrigo reveals to Lola that he had told Andrés the truth.

FEARLESS HEART: Fernanda seduces Inspector Marshall and obtains valuable information from him. Carreño’s hoodlums follow Willy and Samantha to Valle del Bravo.

SOMEONE’S WATCHING: Piedad tells Julián that Rodrigo is not a murderer. Tatiana asks Camilla what she knows about Benjamín. Valeria is using drugs again.

ELENA’S GHOST: Corina arrives at Nena’s house for the seance. Darío visits Elena at the clinic. Milady tells Father Aguas the truth about Andrea’s illness.