GENERATIONS: Patricia’s starting to think she made a huge mistake. Noluntu wants to get far away from the Dlomos. In a dark, dingy dungeon, a prisoner is revealed.

SCANDAL: Spurred on by Lucas, Shakira takes a dangerous stance against her tormentors. Tortured by the lies pulling his life apart, Kila comes to a decision. Gloria concocts a clever plan to get what is owed to her.

RHYTHM CITY: Suffo is evasive about going missing the night before. Ron warns Lerato about double-crossing David. Sifiso and S’bu bond. Miles gets some bad news in his second diagnosis.

ISIBAYA: Qondi is hiding something from Fezile. Sunday overpowers Samson. Bhekifa confronts Mbodla about the rumours. Mbodla and Iris don’t see eye to eye. Qondi admits her true feelings. Mpiyakhe consults with Gog’ Mkhithi.

ZABALAZA: Gasta seeks help from Herbert but doesn’t reveal her motive. Lindiwe starts acting strangely after a disturbing revelation. Meanwhile, Ray’s merchandise goes missing.

ISIDINGO: Lincoln gets news that could spoil Katlego’s ambitions to become a player in Sibeko Gold. Agnes reveals her secret plan for the future. Sechaba decides to try to win Lerato back by pretending he is happy for her.

7DE LAAN: The Hillsiders are excited about Bobby van Jaarsveld’s appearance at the club. Sexy Pulane has trouble keeping a sleazy bloke’s hands off her.

SKEEM SAAM: An unexpected visitor travels to Limpopo in search of her beloved. John and Meikie are forced to reveal a secret to Leeto. Ma Kunutu sees a spark of hope on the horizon. Kwaito discovers he can juggle different roles with ease.

BINNELANDERS: Someone will have to change their tune, otherwise the person on the other line might do something everyone else might later regret. Pippa feels insecure about Dokter-Dokter, especially when she is thrown into the deep end. Quinton is convinced that his accident wasn’t an accident.

MUVHANGO: Azwindini struggles to come to terms with the tragedy that has befallen the family. The MMC staff pay tribute to one of their fallen members. The police arrive at the memorial service to make an arrest. Khomotjo applies for bail.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Bill is shocked when Katie and Karen fire him as chief executive of Spencer Publications and Katie tells him that she’s the new chief executive. Quinn tells Wyatt that she’s not happy about his friendship with Hope.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Victor tries to defend Sonny when Tad loses it over finding out Sonny is gay. Kate and Nicole bond over alcohol and their feelings for DiMera men. Vivian breaks into Carly’s room.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Paul demands answers from Lauren and Dylan and Avery share a special moment together. Things heat up between Lily and Cane, while Michael and Christine have a heated conversation on how to help Fenmore.


MY HEART BEATS FOR LOLA: Andrés Suarez and Lola Volcán elope.

FEARLESS HEART: Ángela opens her heart to Juan Marcos. Vicente regrets ordering a hit on Juan Marcos – he wants to cancel the assassination, but it’s too late.

SOMEONE’S WATCHING: Pedro Pablo sets a trap for Lucy to show Lola he is not to blame. Rodrigo remembers that Baltasar asked him to look after a bag.

ELENA’S GHOST: Montecristo confronts the midwife because he wants Elena to recover consciousness. Eduardo can’t forgive himself for leaving her with Montecristo.

LABOUR OF LOVE: Estela reveals to Ignacia and Gerardo that she killed Karina because Tomás convinced her to do it. Mireya tries to take her own life.