Silindile Nodangala plays Mam Ruby in Generations.

GENERATIONS: Ruby fumes when she gets a text she thinks was for someone else. Scott begs Priska to help him out one last time. Ngamla’s lies come back to haunt him.Scott is on the warpath after the Style Avenue relaunch. MJ receives some coaching on how to be a proper Dlomo.


SCANDAL: Kila successfully breaks into Daniel’s house, but meets with an unexpected obstacle. Quinton asks Thembeka an offensive question. Shakira’s trap causes trouble for an unintended victim.


RHYTHM CITY: Mamokete helps Sis Bee with a cake sale for the church, and unintentionally steals her thunder. Lucilla tells DH the truth about Ivan’s death.

ISIBAYA: S’bu is devastated by Samson’s complicity. Lerato is expelled. Mkabayi avoids a trap. Mdu and Jabu are worried about Mandelic’s plans.


ZABALAZA: Lindiwe’s actions have a dire consequences for Herbet. Gasta finds himself increasingly drawn to the young lawyer, Max. Gasta rejects Jazzman on an unprecedented level when she hears what is happening with the business.


ISIDINGO: Eddie is desperate to take down Julian, but discovers the drug lord is a hard nut to crack. Charlie’s past is an unwelcome presence in Bradley’s pursuit of romance. Zeb makes a decision about his secret Facepage liaison that surprises Agnes.

7DE LAAN: Marko realises just how complicated life with Emma can become. Vince is shocked and furious when he discovers the truth about Wessel.


BINNELAND: Quinton and Zadie can’t hide their disappointment. Bea realises Franz is not going to let go of the case. Tertius’ mind races because of Joe Foster. Quinton hears about the engagement. An unhappy customer makes life difficult for Okkie. Franz confronts Jan about Max.


MUVHANGO: Khomotjo is thrilled when Lerumo reconsiders marrying her. Teboho is forced to lie to Mulalo. Thandaza learns that Ranthumeng has been in an accident.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Dayzee is worried her past might come back to haunt her and goes to great lengths to hide her secret from Marcus. Thomas tells Taylor that he’s ready for a new start.


DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Marco finds Rafe and drags him back to the cell. Sami hears the noise in the hall, but impostor Rafe tells her it was just a domestic disturbance. Sami’s neighbour stops by and tells her she saw Rafe being dragged away by some men.


THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: The anniversary of Cassie’s death brings Nick and Sharon together and the tension between Billy and Victoria increases.


THE DEL MONTE DYNASTY: Julieta continues to hide the truth from Juan. Consuelo and Rose conspire to make Miguel jealous. Esteban makes a shocking confession to Paula.


FORBIDDEN PASSIONS: Bianca worries that something will go wrong when Bruno arrives at Penelope’s wedding. Ariel invites the family to dinner.


CRUEL LOVE: Still trying to win the bet with Camila, Antonio tries to woo Sofia at a cocktail party.


BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Adolfo goes to extreme measures to protect his secret. Gonzalo tries to discover the truth behind Ignacia’s death.