Thorsten Kaye as Zach Slater in All My Children.

GENERATIONS: Akhona is horrified when she finds out what’s really going on at the game farm. Ruby is upset when Dineo comes clean to her. Mawande’s infatuation with her grandson doesn’t sit well with her children.

SCANDAL: After a candid conversation with Ruby, Mangi takes a difficult step to get his life back on track, but a horrifying discovery threatens to set him back and cost him his freedom.

RHYTHM CITY: Reneilwe feels guilty about Kop and Mamokete fighting and wants to confess. Things are awkward between Niki and S’bu after the intimacy. Suffocate uncovers some distressing news about Patricia.

THE WILD: Charles fishes about Sarah’s reaction to the home-movie night and Jack is concerned about his future with Angie. Itumeleng exposes Lebata’s motives – will it get in the way of his summit? Itumeleng gives the community shocking news about Maxine.

INKABA: Kwezi and MK’s conflict intensifies and Nomsa sees her plans coming to ruin. Kwezi’s playboy ways make Nono certain that Pascal is the right choice. Pascal’s uncle and Mzi agree to the cultural rules for the wedding.

ISIDINGO: Kimberly wants to move on, but her heart is still breaking over Daniel. Rajesh is tripped up by domestic chores while he plans his future success. Calvin, against his better judgement, accepts help from Sechaba.

7DE LAAN: Annelie wants to continue designing, but can two such dissimilar designers work in the same boutique? Altus receives devastating news.

BINNELAND: Quinton tries his best to transform into the “traditional romantic hero”. A desperate Oom Wimpie does his best to not be discharged from Binneland Clinic. Rian gets Malan on the right track, but Delia’s secret might become an obstacle to happiness.

MUVHANGO: Thuli tells Nonny to get a job or else. Meme takes drastic action. Mulalo convinces Vho Mukondeleli that she can learn to read in a few days.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Now that the truth has been revealed about Steffy’s condition, Liam has a major decision to make about his marriage. Bill publicly makes his opinion known about whom Liam should choose to be with. Steffy unleashes her anger at Bill for the problems that he has caused in her marriage and her life.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Bo warns Victor that he will eliminate Vivian and face the consequences if she doesn’t give up her revenge plot. Brady and Arianna prepare to elope as Nicole makes her way to the island, thinking Brady is there on business.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Past conflicts cause fresh pain between Phyllis and Danny, while Cane contemplates betraying Genevieve to save his family.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Annie helps her brother escape, but later asks him to get out of her car. Jesse is worried about what Annie might do. Colby gets drunk. Zach and Aidan search alone.