GENERATIONS: Akhona lies to get out of the Mobile TV project. Queen cheats on Robert. The plan to free Sello Mvuyane is set into motion.

SCANDAL: Mjomane is beginning to lose control of the hostage situation and his nerves get the better of him. Tino, Daniel and Mangi are frustrated by the fact that they’re completely powerless.

RHYTHM CITY: Fats discovers that Bash is in cahoots with Puleng. Shado is even more furious at Miles when she discovers that Miles has told her rape story to S’bu. Duiwel carries out his plan to kill David Genaro.

THE WILD: Marang finally convinces herself to be excited about her wedding day and that nothing will ruin it. Karel approaches Lelo with a project for restoring the Van Reenen legacy, but is angry when Charles gets involved.

INKABA: Nothando’s new assistant causes problems in the Khumalo household. Slindile tries to figure out whether to tell Nomsa what could be an issue with her.

ISIDINGO: Cherel receives the romantic surprise of her life, but has to face a harsh reality. Just when Charlie’s life looks rosier, a thorn appears that won’t go away. Prada plays hard-to-get with Len, but then gets exactly what he bargained for.

7DE LAAN: San-Mari and Nthabiseng both ask Felicity to make them new dresses for the opening of Marko’s bar. Marko receives bad news regarding his bar.

BINNELAND: Louisa is irritated with the amount of attention that Morné is receiving, and Quinton is worried about Gustav’s behaviour. Charnay’s inner realisation motivates her to take action. Sonja accuses Vicky of manipulating a situation.

MUVHANGO: James is concerned about Mapule’s strange behaviour. Meiki begins to remember what happened to her. Azwindini’s decision about a Khadzi upsets the family.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Ridge and Liam come to an understanding regarding the future of Liam and Steffy’s marriage. Fresh from his split from Donna, Justin is not shy about his desire to rebound with another woman. Brooke gives Thomas her honest opinion about his and Hope’s relationship.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Daniel tells Chloe that she wanted to be pregnant so bad her body started going through the symptoms. Melanie is rushed to the hospital and into surgery where Daniel operates to remove the bullet that is near her heart.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jack’s confused by Genevieve’s plans. Nikki finally learns the extent of Victor’s manipulations when he tries to bribe Chelsea into leaving town.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Annie has an overreaction to Ryan’s announcement. Erica goes to great lengths to save her job. Josh tells Kendall the truth.