GENERATIONS: Ruby blackmails Mr Khawula. Mary threatens to reveal all to the press. Jason laughs off the warning he receives. Ngamla is shocked about what was found in the boardroom.

SCANDAL: Lucas shares a plan to bring down one inmate and win the affection of another. Helen encourages Thembeka to make a move that goes against her nature. Ndumiso discovers who told Kila the truth.

RHYTHM CITY: Victoria can see that Miles is going through a difficult time. He goes back to the doctor for his results and she gives him news that turns his world upside down.

ISIBAYA: Bhekifa decides to let Iris stay on at the lodge. Blade worries that Mbodla may reveal what he knows about Bhekifa. Qondi is still conflicted over her feelings for the men in her life. Samson arrives at Sun City.

ZABALAZA: Moss, Qiniso and Mthunzi come clean to Gasta, but that doesn’t fix things. Thabo starts to panic when Tony refuses to help him. Ray and Kenny celebrate their victory.

ISIDINGO: Shocking antics ruin the funeral of Jefferson Sibeko. Eddie finally has to face the music. Lerato dreams big as she plots her way in the world of business.

7DE LAAN: Nadia feels down in the dumps as the full implications of her situation finally sinks in. For the first time since Antoinette’s death, Ty meets a girl who interests him.

BINNELANDERS: Okkie wants to come to Zadie’s rescue when he hears about her aunt’s plans. A present makes Karli wonder if Margot isn’t in real danger. Gustav and Quinton receive an upsetting SMS.

MUVHANGO: Someone gets shot at the Mojalefa mansion. Simon tells James that he is being groomed for the deputy chief executive officer position at MMC. Vele is put in her place.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Brooke sits down with Hope and Rick in an attempt to justify her actions and ask for forgiveness. When Katie proclaims that her marriage is over, Donna insists that she give Bill another chance.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Abe informs Taylor and Nicole that the impostor has agreed to be a witness against the DiMeras in exchange for amnesty and will go into witness protection. Taylor is upset that her mother’s killer will not go to prison.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Nick and Sharon’s evening takes a surprising turn. Avery receives an unexpected piece of the puzzle from Adam. Jill and Jack gang up on Victor. Lauren pleads with Paul and Christine to help Michael.


FEARLESS HEART: Juan Marcos apologises to Ángela for what happened, even though he does not understand it. Fernanda finds out that Ángela is going to Miami.

SOMEONE’S WATCHING: Benjamín asks Julián to talk with Zanetti – he doesn’t want Tatiana to discover his affair with Rocio. Piedad realises that Rodrigo is back on drugs.

ELENA’S GHOST: Jesusa is forced to tell Milady the truth about her real mother. Elena Calcaño meets Montecristo and tries to seduce him.

LABOUR OF LOVE: Ignacia asks the doctors to let her say goodbye to Pedro. Gema goes to the bar and encounters Emilio.

CRUEL LOVE: Antonio convinces Camila to leave the baby behind when they make their escape. She makes him swear they will be together and have their own kids.