'Shakira' from SA soapie 'Scandal'.

GENERATIONS: Everyone at Ezweni panics when the lie detector results come back. Mnqobi’s ashes cause an upheaval at the Dlomo house. Khethiwe is furious when Priska pulls rank. Nicholas tries to poach an Ezweni client.

SCANDAL: Lucas’ encounter with a new guard takes him by surprise. Thembeka discovers someone she thought was a friend is actually a rival. Anzani is worried when she is summoned to see a superior.

RHYTHM CITY: Gail is disgusted by Errol. Mamokete has an extra lesson with teacher Masondo, but it doesn’t end as expected. Niki blurts out the wedding secret to Cuba.

ISIBAYA: Sihle is furious when she realises what Zweli has done. Iris is upset that the elders are forcing Bhekifa to find a wife. S’khaleni’s problems are not over yet. Mpiyakhe thinks an arrest is pending. Lerato and Josie fight.

ZABALAZA: Beauty finally gets Mthunzi to consider her plans. Thabo gives Ray the information he’s been looking for. Isaac wants redemption, but Sponono doesn’t care. The unthinkable happens when Isaac ignores Tony’s threats.

ISIDINGO: Eddie tries one last roll of the dice with Charlie to get her away from Brad. Katlego decides she’s ready to face Jeff. Alleged feminist Georgie pulls out all stops in his wooing of Mbali.

7DE LAAN: Paula starts her new career as vlogger for the Hillside Times with a new hairstyle. Nthabi discovers the true facts behind the removal of the murals in the semis.

BINNELANDERS: At will have to move quickly if he wants to swoon Sonja after her discovery. The young ones have a gift for Krige, but he refuses to accept it. A courtship might just have the necessary outcome.

MUVHANGO: Thuli and Nonny work on a plan to set James up with Nthabeleng. Albert senses that Khomotjo is up to something. Pfuluwani battles old demons when Sthembiso comes to Thathe.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: While comforting Liam, Hope reminds him that he can now have the life that he wanted before Steffy announced that she was pregnant. Caroline confronts Bill about blackmailing Maya and informs him that Rick dumped her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Bo arrests Taylor for assaulting Hope but it is just to keep her away from EJ. Melanie tries to get Maggie to get Victor out of town before Stefano finds out Brady beat up EJ. Bo arrests Nicole to keep her safe.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Adam and Jack are shocked by Chelsea’s news, while Kevin tries to reason with Chloe. Nikki and Victor are shocked by Victoria’s news.


SOMEONE’S WATCHING: Rodrigo is desperate and feels the need to use drugs, so he calls Benjamin. Zanetti asks Matilde not to go out alone as she is in danger.

ELENA’S GHOST: Andrea worries when she sees Rebeca taken back to prison. Elena Calcaño informs Montecristo she saw Elena having a pregnancy test.

LABOUR OF LOVE: Ignacia tells José Manuel she wants to get away from everyone – and that includes him. Enrique complains to Ignacia about the work assigned to him.

FORBIDDEN PASSIONS: Nina and Bruno make wedding plans. Ariel suspects Saul is spying for Guillermo Arredondo. Penélope goes into labour.

CRUEL LOVE: Antonio tells Camila he will not rest until she is caught. Benny looks for Veronica to explain that he’s going solo.