'Shakira' from SA soapie 'Scandal'.

GENERATIONS: Nicholas isn’t sure what he’s let himself in for. Ruby vows to teach Susan a lesson. Bianca’s had enough and calls it quits. Dineo can’t hide her fear of Ngamla. Khethiwe is furious when a friend sabotages her project. Choppa manages to put his foot in it yet again.

SCANDAL: As the party begins, Dintle realises Gontse is in much greater danger than she thought. Mangi and Quinton are shaken by a blast from the past. Scelo’s laptop allows him and Cee-Jay to make an eye-popping discovery online.

RHYTHM CITY: Zolani and Lucilla are overwhelmed by their kiss. Zolani’s mother comes to town. Cuba reminds Puleng to watch out for Niki. Mampho is not impressed with Reneilwe’s underhanded tactics.

ISIBAYA: The wives continue with their mission. S’khaleni asks for more time from Ngwebedla. The MEC arrives at Mpiyakhe’s house for a meeting with a colleague.

ZABALAZA: Gasta battles with Jazzman’s ultimatum. David’s priorities are tested. Ma Betty is willing to use blackmail to get what she wants. Sponono seeks refuge while Mygirl tells Qiniso what’s going on.

ISIDINGO: Charlie goes missing in action. Sizwe’s excitement over his new job is about to be turned upside down. Agnes gets an unexpected gift from Lerato, but is shocked when she discovers what it really is.

7DE LAAN: Will Nadia make the first hockey team? Bernard surprises Danelle and Jaco in a passionate embrace.

BINNELANDERS: Wimpie has the solution to Okkie’s problems but not for the theft at Eiekehof. Margot hears exactly what Daleen thinks of her and, surprisingly, At finally hands someone a compliment. Quinton is concerned about a new friendship which is forming.

MUVHANGO: Khomotjo’s devious plot starts bearing fruit. Vho-Mukondeleli is determined to get herself on TV. Gundo and Vuyiswa continue to deceive KK – and KK has no idea.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Eric is stunned by Brooke’s unexpected request that he sacrifice so much in order to hide her past relationship with Bill. As much as Brooke pleads with him to go along with her plan, Eric refuses.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Taylor tells Nicole that she is leaving town. Carly continues to fight her pill addiction. EJ and Stefano try to figure out why the impostor Rafe would come back. Jennifer tells Hope about her worries about not being beautiful enough for Daniel.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Sharon dodges Noah’s questions, while Paul makes an important discovery in his quest to help Nikki. Hilary turns the tables on Cane and Lily, while Jill asks Michael to help her contest Katherine’s will.


SOMEONE’S WATCHING: Rodrigo Quintana is back in the country after 15 years away. His return suprises his friends Julián, Benjamín and ex-girlfriend Piedad.

ELENA’S GHOST: Dulce makes Margót believe she is resentful because of what happened to Cristina. Vicky asks Rebeca to pay her bond and get her out of jail.

FORBIDDEN PASSIONS: Bianca goes to Bruno’s room and confronts him, but Bruno tells her it is not the time to tell Ariel the truth. Camila returns to the Piamonte house.

CRUEL LOVE: Alejo asks Rosario for money but she refuses because she knows he wants to buy drugs. Camilla convinces Jennifer to go on a blind date.

LABOUR OF LOVE: Mireya tells Ignacia Estela is in love with Tomás but Ignacia doesn’t believe him. Gina learns she has lost all her money on the stock market.