Silindile Nodangala plays Mam Ruby in Generations.

GENERATIONS: Ngamla snaps at Priska when she pushes for more money. Queen’s curiosity backfires on her. Xolani offers to look after Sompisi for one night.

Dineo frantically tries to locate her grandfather.

SCANDAL: Just when the Nyathis think that things can’t get worse, another family member is struck down. Scelo comes up with a plan to become popular again, but it isn’t without complications.

RHYTHM CITY: Mamokete opens up about her regrets of not having matriculated. Miles is disappointed at Sifiso for lying to him about Tsetse Fly. Bash and Lerato speculate about what could have happened to Fausto’s body.

ISIBAYA: The family struggles with what has happened to Mpiyakhe. Samson refuses to reveal the whereabouts of Sunday. Mimi and Tony get the evidence they need.

ZABALAZA: David confesses to Neli what is actually going on. Nandi is furious. Beauty frets about money and suggests to Mthunzi that she sings on cruise ships but he forbids her. The situation at Cele Sanitations escalates into an onsite-strike.

ISIDINGO: Barker begins to speculate about a connection between Cherel and the mysterious disappearance of Quinton de Groot. Rajesh Kumar dreams of happy families. Lerato’s success does not improve her love life.

7DE LAAN: Marko struggles to cope with Emma’s attitude towards him. Paula thwarts Altus and Kristin’s plans to work late. Koot finds out how much his farms are really worth.

BINNELAND: Delia wants to know why Malan is back in South Africa, and Morné decides to slip out. Linda’s ideas don’t work for Pippa, and Nigel puts his best foot forward – but not with Zadie. Daleen warns Tertius about the pregnancy test, while Gideon can’t help but be elated with the results that starts showing.

MUVHANGO: Albert has a plan to get rid of the Mojalefas, but he won’t tell anyone what it is. Everyone is hoping that Azwindini will get a suspended sentence. Ranthumeng has decided which woman he wants to be with.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Dayzee worries that her situation with Maya may open up a larger can of worms about her past that could lead to further legal trouble. Liam assures Steffy that he hasn’t forgotten the good times that they have shared together, but explains that he needs time and space to sort through his feelings.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Hope contemplates what to do with her life. Chloe signs papers to put Philip’s name on Parker’s birth certificate. Melanie apologises to Chloe and Chloe asks Melanie to look after Parker while she gets better. Johnny tells EJ about seeing Rafe outside the mansion.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Phyllis and Nick organise to tell Jack and Summer the truth and Billy is confronted. Lauren struggles to explain things to Fen. Jack questions Traci’s motive for returning.


THE DEL MONTE DYNASTY: Beatriz tries to escape with Simon in a cargo truck – but luck is not on her side as the truck is soon involved in an accident.

FORBIDDEN PASSIONS: Bianca listens in when Flavia tells Ivan that she never loved him because he could never give her the things that Martin gave her.

CRUEL LOVE: Cecilia and Antonio race to Sofia’s house to prevent her from signing a prenuptial agreement. Sofia and Rocky decide to meet at the beach and clarify things.

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Mabel asks Javier for his help in setting up a trap for Adolfo so that they may be able to turn him over to the police. Javier follows Raquel to the warehouse.

LABOUR OF LOVE: Karina comes to Estela’s house to talk to her but Estela pushes her away. Tomas confronts Ignacia over her cheating on him with Pedro.