Silindile Nodangala plays Mam Ruby in Generations.

GENERATIONS: Choppa does something noble to help a friend. Dineo is ready to give up the fight. Ruby can’t take the stress any more and breaks down. Dineo is gutted when Dr Xulu gives his diagnosis. Jason is worried about the state of his marriage. Bianca pays MJ a visit.

SCANDAL: Daniel sinks deeper into darkness and has a most disturbing vision. Scelo is on the verge of doing something seriously irresponsible. A surprising ordeal impacts on Ndumiso’s romantic plans for him and Gontse.

RHYTHM CITY: Sifiso goes back to Reneilwe to apologise. David is incensed by the evidence of poor child care he sees when Prettiness is filmed by his newly installed surveillance camera.

ISIBAYA: Mpiyakhe is alive and celebrates his ancestors. However, the family worry about his memory and health. Has he fully recovered? Iris has a plan to keep her dirty secrets hidden. Sunday utters a grave warning to Mkabayi.

ZABALAZA: Moss is not sure he’s made the right decision. David seems to be winning Jazzman’s trust. Thabo fears what will happen when Jazzman realises what is going on. Beauty asks Thembi to help with the fund-raiser. Thembi suggests Siphokazi and wants a finder’s fee.

ISIDINGO: Bradley begins to understand why Charlie hid evidence of the crime. Priya and Rajesh struggle to communicate with one another. Ntando comes up with a cunning plan for pleasure and seduction.

7DE LAAN: What is Lindile going to do when Herman blames him because their suppliers are no longer interested in sponsoring the school? Bernard surprises Danelle with a special dinner.

BINNELAND: Wimpie becomes increasingly creative with his courting, and Zadie makes a plan to save Nigel from Okkie. There is a chance that the hatchet will be buried in the Basson household, but it all depends what the men have to say to each other.

MUVHANGO: Lerumo will not let Albert walk all over him. Matshidiso is getting closer to getting everything she wants. Mrs Gumede makes a revelation that shocks Thandaza.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Hope and Steffy lash out at each other regarding the space they feel Liam needs to make an informed decision between the two of them. Taylor gets after Brooke for meddling in Hope and Liam’s life and interfering in Steffy’s chance at happiness.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Stefano realises he might have made a mistake by telling Rafe the drug could make him forget his memories. Carly rushes back from her medical conference to be by Melanie’s side. Nicole encourages Taylor to take the job at Titan, but EJ has the opposite reaction.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Chloe confronts Billy about his gambling and Dylan and Chelsea plan for their wedding. Nick and Avery’s relationship troubles Sharon. Kevin and Chloe reach a decision together.


THE DEL MONTE DYNASTY: Julieta finally tells Juan the whole truth when she sees he is about to kiss Paula. Rosario and Lucas try to become more intimate.

FORBIDDEN PASSIONS: Nina learns that Bianca threw Salomon and his entire family from the house, leading to a confrontation.

CRUEL LOVE: Sofia arrives at Antonio’s bachelor party together with Cecilia and is horrified by what she sees. Camila tries to talk Sofia out of cancelling her wedding.

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Javier goes to the Conde’s house and confronts Emilio for making him look bad on the internet. Pilar meets Gonzalo and she tries to make a confession.

LABOUR OF LOVE: Gina accuses Tomas of being jealous of Pedro and tells him it was she who took the money and gave it to Pedro. Ignacia tells Tomas that she will marry him – but she has a few ground rules too.