Silindile Nodangala plays Mam Ruby in Generations.

GENERATIONS: A session of shock therapy goes horribly wrong. MJ is snubbed when he reaches out to a loved one. Dineo puts Ngamla in his place.

SCANDAL: What should be a joyful day for Shakira is tainted by the prospect of an apocalypse that neither her husband nor stepson seem willing to comprehend. Scelo finds himself torn between two risky options and makes a decision that no one would believe him capable of, least of all himself.

MUVHANGO: The judge makes a ruling on Azwindini’s release. Ranthumeng decides to go back to Lesotho. Khomotjo is tortured by Moriti and her in-laws.

ZABALAZA: Nandi realises she’s falling for David in a real way. Thabo is paranoid; Jazzman is furious. Qiniso doesn’t want to get his brain checked out. Moss confronts David about the secret Mygirl discovered.

ISIBAYA: S’bu declares his love for Thandeka. Will both families support the young couple? Mpiyakhe sends the incoming chief a gift and Iris battles to keep her secrets under wraps.

RHYTHM CITY: Reneilwe disobeys Mamokete and visits Sifiso. Fats is confused when the comedian asks for payment. Zozo and Enoch disagree on how to handle Niki and the phone situation. Suffocate fires Lerato. Lerato reveals the phone and tries to sell it to David.

ISIDINGO: Bradley has to face a life-shifting horror. Priya surprises Rajesh with words he never thought he would hear. There is nervousness on The Deep about crime.

7DE LAAN: Will Nadia find out about Bertus and Sonja’s brief romance when Sonja comes to stay for a while? Kim receives bad news.

BINNELAND: The previous night’s drama has far-reaching consequences. Rian realises he doesn’t know who his wife is. Daleen tries to keep the truth hidden, and the immigration takes its toll on the Bassons, Gerickes and Ilse. Morné and Emil upload the choir snippet to the web, and Binneland Stereo is abuzz with condemnation.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Pam overhears Brooke and Donna talking about Taylor moving in with Eric. The pair then discover that Pam is missing. Maya thinks that Rick deserves better than Caroline.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Sami is shocked by impostor Rafe’s reaction to the news about Dario moving in. Imposter Rafe tells Sami he has a headache and passes out. Vivian tells Maggie that she has won. Melanie drops by Rafe’s flat to make sure he does things by the book with Dario.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Phyllis prepares to tell Jack why she needed to break up Kyle and Summer’s relationship, while Michael and Lauren receive shocking news from Carmine.


THE DEL MONTE DYNASTY: Jose meets Esteban to come up with a plan to con-vince Paula to take the money, while a confused Sofia calls Juan.

FORBIDDEN PASSIONS: Bruno reconciles with Eliana, who promptly breaks up with Guillermo. Meanwhile, Mademoiselle meets Carlos, an old friend, at the museum.

CRUEL LOVE: Camila asks Tamayo to forbid girlfriends and wives from coming along on the tour, hoping to keep Antonio from bringing Sofia with him.

LABOUR OF LOVE: Mireya suggests to Pedro that they bring up Lupita’s baby as their own as no one would know who the real mother was.

THE QUEEN OF THE SOUTH: Patty must act quickly to save Teresa from a horrible death – and another violent confron-tation with Makoki is soon to follow.