Silindile Nodangala plays Mam Ruby in Generations.

GENERATIONS: Choppa realises he might need Vern after all. Priska almost has heart failure when she sees how Queen is dressed. Ezweni’s IT guy finds out where the virus was sent from.

SCANDAL: Shakira starts to see that the consequences of her actions might be greater than she thought. The situation around Mangi’s missing tablet snowballs when Cameron keeps quiet.

The fight between Sarafina and Dintle takes a dangerous turn when an innocent person gets caught in the crossfire.

RHYTHM CITY: Cuba discovers that Suffocate and Puleng are back together. Reneilwe wants to take it to the next level with Sifiso.

Niki gets some shocking news. Lucilla gets closer to Zolani. ISIBAYA: Bhekifa is pleased with the wedding. Mpiyakhe is frustrated about the fight and has a plan to get back at Mandla. Could there be an alliance brewing between Bhekifa, asks Mpiyakhe? Jabu feels guilty.

ZABALAZA: The Morapama family are in turmoil as they grieve the death of a family member. Meanwhile, Lithebe and Larry still plot to get their millions. Lindiwe finds comfort in a stranger.

ISIDINGO: Bradley teeters on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Zukisa starts to fear that she and Sizwe will starve. Sechaba decides to teach Lerato a lesson. Zukisa bonds with a most unexpected person.

7DE LAAN: Errol is encouraged when he finds out his article made a positive difference in someone’s life. Charmaine gets another shock when David explains his situation to her.

BINNELANDERS: Pippa wants to make Rian’s birthday very special. Jana realises that At will not make things easy for her and Quinton is quizzed about a marketing plan. Jana’s questions are discomforting to Sonja. Okkie tries to hide his pain. People are dumbfounded by Karli’s actions.

MUVHANGO: Vuyiswa might not have changed as much as she says she has. Thuli invites Moriti to dinner. Teboho tells an unimpressed Mulalo about her latest business venture.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Steffy and Liam begin to make wedding plans by working on a dress design and choosing the maid-of-honour. Bill and Brooke go back and forth about whether or not they acted too soon in believing that Katie was ready to end her marriage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Victor and Maggie attempt to define their relationship. Kate verbally abuses Chloe, and Chloe swears she will get revenge. Dario lets Imposter Rafe know that Ari’s killer has been caught and is shocked that Rafe doesn’t seem to care.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Dylan assists in delivering Chelsea’s baby. Victor turns the tables on Billy. Hilary is questioned by Lily, while Sharon gets closer to Nick.


ELENA’S GHOST: Two weddings take place simultaneously in two different places. The brides and grooms are Elena Calcaño and Eduardo, and Elena Lafe and Octavio.

FORBIDDEN PASSIONS: Nicholas tells William about his resignation and the offer to make Ariel a partner. Ariel offers Mademoiselle a vacation so she can get some rest..

CRUEL LOVE: Cecilia asks Camila why she didn’t report the sale she made, and why she didn’t hand in the cheque the client gave her.

LABOUR OF LOVE: Mariano visits Estela to talk about her illness. Karina reveals to Ignacia that she had an affair with Tomas.

THE QUEEN OF THE SOUTH: Epifanio receives the news that he will not be a presidential candidate. Despite his anger, he supports the new candidate.