3 soapie/telenovela villains we love to hate

Sindi Dlathu. Picture: Austin Malema/Instagram

Sindi Dlathu. Picture: Austin Malema/Instagram

Published Oct 20, 2020


No soapie or telenovela is complete without a villain or two raising hell.

Let’s be honest, the storyline would be pretty humdrum if we didn’t have them perennially plotting some dastardly plan.

Below are three giants that fit the bill perfectly:

Lindiwe Dlamini - “The River”

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A true African queen, don’t be fooled by those gorgeous looks, though.

Lindiwe (Sindi Dlathu) is as ruthless as she is stylish with that powerhouse wardrobe.

She recently bagged the Outstanding Female Villain honours at the Royalty Soapie Awards.

Her regal presence, while lighting up the room, can make others feel rather small. Basically, women want to be her and men want to be with her, not that they have much of a chance, mind you.

She’s happily in love with her husband.

A go-getter, she’s protective of her loved ones.

Being manipulative is her default setting, which dates back to her childhood, where she was exposed to violence.

Given the hardships she endured growing up, she’s adamant about maintaining her pampered lifestyle and by ruling with an iron fist.

Hector Sebata - “The Queen”

Rapulana Seiphemo as Hector on “The Queen”. Picture: Supplied

A police colonel, Hector (played by Rapulana Seiphemo) uses his position to conceal his corrupt shenanigans.

The base for his drug operations is at the Tembisa police station, where he has dirty cops on his payroll. The end goal is to become the biggest drug supplier.

What works in his favour is a disarming personality, which helps sell the legit image. But his ambition and greed, especially on a meagre law enforcement salary, has seen him cross over to the dark side.

His journey into this world started when he became a detective, he helped provide protection for drug dealers.

As he ascended the ranks, his plan to grow his own drug empire took root. There’s just one problem, though – the Khoza family controls this territory already.

Mam’sonto - “Gomora”

Connie Chiume as Mam’Sonto in “Gomora”. Picture: Marvel Studios

Don’t be fooled by the fact that Mam’Sonto (played by Connie Chiume) is a mother to Thathi (Katlego Danke) and Pretty (Siyasanga Papu), she’s a powerful woman.

Circumstances drove her to start her own criminal enterprise. While she looks like a legitimate businesswoman with her Shisa Nyama spot, she’s ruthless, cold and unforgiving.

Fortunately, her one daughter shares her mother’s penchant for crime and so they continue to grow their hijacking empire.

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