The Bold and the Beautiful publicity tour in South Africa featured Karla Mosley (Maya Avant Forrester), Heather Tom (Katie Logan) and Jacob Young (Rick Forrester), here seen with Isidingo actors Sechaba (Motlatsi Mafatsha) and Tema Sebopedi, and executive producer Pumla Hopa.
Cape Town - The stars of one of the world’s biggest soap operas, The Bold and The Beautiful, arrived in South Africa this week as part of the mega-show’s 30th anniversary.

Amid plummeting ratings for daytime soaps in the US, the daily lives of the Forresters remains staple TV viewing for millions around the world.

Heather Tom, who plays Katie Logan, Jacob Young who plays Rick Forrester, and Karla Mose, who plays Rick’s wife Maya Forrester were in both Joburg and Cape Town this week.

The cast revealed to Weekend Argus that, apart from the tour, they will also make a cameo appearance on local soap Isidingo.

“We will make a cameo appearance on Isidingo, I don’t know when it will be aired. It was simply because we didn’t have a lot of time. It’s a simple scene of us coming and learning more about the culture and cuisine,” said Young.

Speaking about what viewers can expect in the coming episodes of The Bold and The Beautiful, Young said: “There is always some sort of drama that is going to be coming down the pipe, whether it’s Brooke or Ridge. As for my character, look for more with the Avant family and with Nicole, who is my surrogate. There are a couple of curve balls coming down.”

Mose, who plays the transgender Maya, lead model for Forrester Creations, commented on the issue of trans-representation on the show.

“As a black woman, I understand the importance of being able to tell our own stories, so I am really happy that it seems to be opening up the door for people to be able to step in and play those roles.

“As far as the story goes, I think that it is changing hearts and minds or at least opening people up and educating them about what a certain person’s life might be like to walk through childhood with being a transgender and I am really proud that our show chose to tell that story,” said Mose.

As part of their tour, the cast spent their time visiting tourist and historical sites in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and mingled with the media and their fans in South Africa this week, as part of the celebrations.

Teresa Spinas, 70, has kept her eyes peeled on the show since it first aired in South Africa. The super fan was one of the lucky few to have a meeting with the cast.

“When you first start to watch it, it’s like just a show, but then after a few months and years and up until now, it’s like part of my life and I love it and it’s the only soapie that I watch,” she said.

“Seeing the young guys like Jacob reminds me of my sons. It has been a tremendous influence on my life in other ways,” said Spinas.

She said one of the most saddening episodes was the death of Sally Spectra, which brought her to tears.

For Eloise Petersen, 41, the show was introduced to her by her late grandmother. It was custom for the family to watch the hit show.

“They are part of the family and you don’t miss it and if I do, I record it. I still have an old VHS that I still record with. It’s not just a television show; this happens in real life. I switch off for half an hour and chase the family out OF my kitchen,” said Petersen.

She added that Katie is one of her most loved characters on the show because “she has just really been truthful, honest".

“She has been through so much and her family keep walking over her and you get into her character. When she cries, you cry with her. I have the most hand gestures speaking to the television.

“I would bring back Ron Moss, because there is only one Ridge Foster and that’s Ron Moss. He just plays that role. Don’t get me wrong, the new Ridge is something to look at, but you know when these characters leave or die, you die with them because they are part of the family,” said Petersen.

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