Actress, Buntu Petse
Picture: Instagram
Actress, Buntu Petse Picture: Instagram

Buntu Petse is the new gal on the 'box'

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Jun 30, 2020

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There’s a new gal on the box and viewers are loving her. 

Buntu Petse made her acting debut on SABC1’s “Generations: The Legacy” only a few months ago, but she has already turned into a fan favourite.

Her character, Nontle, is a high school teenager on a mission. On the soapie, she and her best friend Melokuhle (Busi Kondleka) currently lead a major storyline which puts the spotlight on climate change.   

Petse got the role after auditioning several times and competing with many other hopefuls.

“The auditions were quite the process. All the ladies who were called back made it difficult to choose from. That made it all the more exciting to get the role. I remember saying “OMG, I’m blessed!”,” said Petse.

When describing her first day on the set of “Generations: The Legacy” Petse said it felt more like the eighth because of the numerous callbacks. 

“The nerves were still alive and kicking through. The pressure was on because I was working with some industry legends on the day,” she said.

Although Petse said she did well on her first day, she remembers that she made a lot of mistakes due it being a new environment. 

“Naturally I made mistakes since the environment was still new. I think what’s important is how quickly one learns from those mistakes. My expectation of the experience of being on set was surpassed by the reality. Everything and everyone has their own unique part to play in this game and I had such a wonderful time discovering mine,” said Petse. 

She said the feeling she gets from being on the show is amazing. 

“It’s been only a few months, but it feels like it’s been two weeks and two years all at the same time. I think this is because I am happy with my character, Nontle and with the story-line. It’s bold and daring. And I am challenged by it everyday,” said the actress. 

Getting into Nontle’s character for Petse is easy. She said it’s because she understands her background, her pains and what makes her happy. 

“I first breathe then I ask the questions “what” and “why” in order to get into her thought process of the scene and the way she is feeling in regards to what she’s talking about. Then I’m able to adapt to any story line thrown her way,” she said. 

One new term that Petse picked up on her first day was “banana”.

“I first learned about ‘banana’ on set. What a phenomenon, I tell you. It simply means “to walk in a curved line as opposed to a straight one”. 

Petse said currently she is not picky about the roles she plays and would love to work with other newcomers.  

“Give me a villain, a protagonist or a saint, I’m happy to tell peoples’ stories in whichever form they come in. I would also love to work with the newcomers. The talent I know that is brewing within us is so inspirational,” she said. 

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