Khanyi Mbau is expected to appear in Uzalo next month. Popular soapie Uzalo has shaken things up by adding famous faces to the screen with Mbau set to star as ‘Lady Die’.

The most-watched show in the country is about to get even better with Khanyi Mbau stepping into the Uzalo storyline next week. 

Mbau will play MaNgcobo’s infamous cousin, Dinekile, aka Lady Die. She’s beautiful, sexy and a slightly unhinged criminal. 

She seeks thrills and never passes up an opportunity to be involved in criminal activity. A shoplifter by trade, she’s no stranger to the inside of a jail. 
Called upon by MaNgcobo to help execute a Set It Off-style robbery, there’s the question of whether she will be able to pull it off?

We spoke to Mbau to find out more about the role. 

Tell us about Lady Die?

Lady Die is MaNgcobo’s cousin. She’s a shady somebody – pathological liar. In her mind she is a glamorous, rich girl who’s a slay queen living this life, but in true essence she lives in a shack, she’s never been to the ocean, she’s never had all those things she aspires to have. 

She looks up to the likes of your Bonangs and Khanyi Mbaus – those are the girls she sees and she’s like “that’s the life I want to live”, so you can already imagine what type of person you’re dealing with. The weave, the nails, the fashion, she’s really an out-there kind of person. 

What attracted you to the role? 

This role is out there. In the last few episodes I did for TV and the movie scene, it’s been serious programmes where I’m a lawyer, doctor or a ranger, but nothing fun, young and just frivolous, and that’s why I chose this. And Uzalo is the best soapie on TV right now so who  wouldn’t want to be a part of that history. 

Khanyi Mbau. Picture: Supplied

What are the circumstances around finding Lady Die in the heist? 

Look, she loves guns. She may look like a Barbie doll, but when it comes to weapons, when it comes to danger, that’s the one thing she finds thrilling and she loves it. 

It’s like how white people will climb a mountain or go hiking in the most dangerous parts of the world – she would rather be involved in a heist – and not for the money, but for the rush. That’s just who she is. 

Besides Uzalo being the most watched show on TV, why did you want to act in it? 

It’s young, it finds new talent, it’s for the people and it taps into what they want to see, so that’s exactly why I wanted to be a part of the show. 

Do you and your character have any similarities?

Yes, we both love fashion. She does resonate with me – she reminds me of the queen of bling and the person I used to be in the past.

Did you enjoy working with the cast? 

I’ll be honest, they are professional, fun, down-to-earth, real, young people, and they are exactly what you see – they represent what South Africa is today.  

Will Lady Die stay on our screens? 

All I can tell you is that Lady Die is a footprint. Her character is something that’s not going to just fall away easily and very soon. That I can promise you. 

Is there any bit of good in Lady Die? 

Beyond her thirst for thrills and fun, she has a soft side for someone on the show, which is going to shock a lot of people. And she is quite a feminist. As much as you may think she’s not, because of the way she dresses, don’t judge her that quickly. Lady Die is very good. 

She represents every young South African girl who wants to make money fast, showing that sometimes the fast things in life that we want are not always good for us. 

Your character attempts to seduce Nkunzi – does she succeed? 

Lady Die does aim to seduce Nkunzi, but not for love. You need to see this. 

Why should we watch Uzalo? 

It’s the only place at that moment where you get to see a truly diverse South Africa, touching on issues we all deal with day to day – but not in your face.

Mbau steps into the role of Lady Die on Uzalo next week.