Kabelo Moalusi. Picture: Instagram
Horizon Deep has a new resident and while he may be a goody-two-shoes, this man has the ability to potentially bring down the infamous Barker Heinz.

“Ofentse Moloi, Sechaba’s cousin and playboy, is a 35-year-old, well-educated young man, who was brought up overseas.

“He’s kind and soft, but can’t be easy manipulated by anyone else but his mother. His father worked for Barker Heinz in the mines and eventually died, now Ofentse has come to the Deep to settle a score with Barker,” said actor Kabelo Moalusi.

Moalusi said the role of Ofentse attracted him because he had never played such a deep role before.

“It’s a role with a lot of depth, something that I have not managed to get in the past with all my previous roles.

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“So, for me, it’s incredibly different. Ofentse’s character is one that takes action and, on some level, he resonates with me. I am also businessman and, just like Ofentse, we don’t compromise between business and family,” he said.

Moalusi previously had roles in Generations: The Legacy as Siya Radebe, Z’Bondiwe, as Detective Lunga Gaza, The Queen, as Roy Mzansi and Bone of My Bones, as Mokau Malefo.

Moalusi’s new character sees him come to Horizon Deep to conquer Barker Heinz.

He believes that Horizon Deep owes him his father’s life and no gold would ever fix what went wrong in the past.

Kabelo Moalusi. Picture: Supplied

“Ofentse believes in black empowerment and not tenders or political gain.

“He believes that he deserves to be on the same level as the Barkers, Oppenheimers, Kersners or Brett Kebbles and will stop at nothing until he has achieved what he has set out to do,” said Moalusi.

Just like all characters, there are always downfalls.

Moalusi said one of Ofentse’s fears is to disappear and become a nonentity, as his father became.

“He fears being a number or a faceless person. This is how his father was.

“A faceless man who was killed serving a rich Barker. In anything he does, Ofentse always has to be number one. He can’t be second. Second means you are last,” the actor added.

“It means you are faceless and no one cares about your life. He also fears anything that could come between him and his siblings,” Moalusi said about his character on the popular soap.

He added that viewers can look out for a criminal element that is brewing.

“Either Barker or I will be implicated in a criminal element.

“It’s going to be heated. So make sure to stay tuned,” he said.

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