The cast of Mzansi Magic's 'The Herd'.Picture: Supplied

It’s always a beautiful thing when the lived experiences of everyday people collide some of the burning issues that are on the tongues of people today.

Case in point, the discussion about the land that took place between Bab’Mthethwa (Sello Maake Ka Ncube) and his daughter Kayise (Sihle Ndaba) while he was trying to plead the case of why she should stay and run the family business.

Making her understand the gift they had as a family of land when that is but a dream for some, and a matter of dignity for black people, also talking about the benefits of entrepreneurship and building lasting legacies, economically and otherwise.

What Bab’Mthethwa did is also borderline bullying, because Sihle did not have the luxury of choice, he subjected her to forms of emotional blackmail.

I’m not sure if anyone else felt this way but did everyone else witness the subtle reference to White Monopoly Capital via WM Capital that Sihle was supposed to go work for in Sandton?

The dynamics of the show are also very interesting when it comes to the positioning of women. They are strong, present characters, which is a nice change to witness on everyday television. 

I did, however, think it was quite a cheap shot for Lwandle’s father to judge her for repeatedly trying to save his life by stealing that cattle.

It would be very easy for someone who is not intimately involved with the situation to pass that judgment, but not him. Especially not when he consumes unholy amounts of alcohol and further damages his liver while she goes to hell and back to try and save him. Ah! This man.

And then there's the annoying Nkosana, who finally found himself in the trouble that he had been applying for. This thing of being an entitled, petulant grown man in mountains of debt, found himself starring in the face of danger. When the episode ended, he was sitting with some of the meanest people in the world, with him trying to unsuccessfully bargain his way out.

The Herd airs on Mzansi Magic, channel 161, Sundays at 8 pm.