Can you believe that Lisa Kudrow (pictured) is now 50? She was my favourite character in Friends which brought her international fame.

But after playing Phoebe, just like the rest of her “friends” there wasn't another gig as big as the sitcom that ruled the Nineties. Perhaps her taking part in Web Therapy will throw her into the limelight again.

Kudrow stars as Fiona Wallice, a therapist who takes advantage of technology and sees her clients via video conferencing. The motivation behind this method of treating her patients is to try and get to the point as soon as possible.

Fiona feels that the conventional method of meeting patients in person gives them too much time to settle in and get to the point. So to save time the therapist would rather have you call her via Skype from your home so that you can relax in your home without having to travel.

Her Friends touch has not faded as she remains the hilarious actress that we knew. The show has funny situations which give Fiona a lot of room to comically solve her clients’ problems.

The idea of iChatting is still new in her industry so she offers the recordings of the work that she does to make it more appealing to an otherwise sceptical market.

With the way the internet can easily leak information, you can never be sure whether this is a good idea or not. Imagine a scenario where a high- powered businessman confesses to his therapist that he is having an affair with his secretary.

He does this on video chat and speaks freely because he is a strong believer of “client/patient confidentiality”. But what we don’t know is there are a lot of people that can access live communication between computers.

These can be anything from hackers to technicians and they can record the conversations too. We all know what happens when infor- mation that was intended to be private lands in the wrong hands.

The show has done well in the US as proven by the fact it is in its fifth season. Expect special appearances from acting gurus like Meryl Streep and Rosie O’Donnell. Could this be Lisa Kudrow’s comeback? Only time will tell.


• Web Therapy airs from August 27 on Vuzu (Channel 116) at 11.30pm.