Helen Herimbi

Whenever someone attempts to give another person some advice on how to get up and going, or start to enjoy life, there are tons of clichés available for them to use. One of them is: reach for the moon and you might land among the stars.

It seems this cliché may actually be apt for the vast audience of the Top Star bouquet of TopTV. Except, instead of the moon, I’d advise you to reach for the remote.

As of August 31, a new channel can be found on this bouquet. It’s called Star Life OK. For those of you who aren’t aware, the Top Star bouquet is a division of TopTV that is available to any TopTV subscriber for an extra fee of R69.

What sets this bouquet apart from the other differently priced divisions that are available for subscription is that Top Star is specifically geared towards the Indian community.

It features four channels: a general entertainment channel called Star Plus, Star Gold – which screens some of the biggest and best Bollywood blockbusters, a Tamil entertainment channel called Vijay and now, Star Life OK. While not strictly for Indian people, it seeks to uphold and promote Indian values and ambitions by putting together programming that this particular audience has already enjoyed in India and the other parts of the world.

Star Life OK is actually also a general entertainment channel that offers everything from reality shows (I kid you not) to comedies, drama, music and mythology. Some of the most loyal Top Star viewers would remember that when TopTV first started, this bouquet also offered the [V] Channel. After a few internal changes occurred at the [V] head offices, TopTV decided to discontinue the channel. One of the biggest changes was that viewers who don’t understand the different languages and nuances would not be able to enjoy the Indian communities content. Star Life OK is the replacement.

Ian Woodrow, who is the vice-president of Channels at TopTV, said: “Since the new version of Channel [V] will be without any English subtitles, we believe its appeal would be limited in our local market. All programmes on Star Life OK are supplied with English subtitles and we are confident that it will be as well received here as it has been elsewhere in the world.”

Channel changes always abound at TopTV, but it looks as if Star Life OK may have been more than an OK decision for subscribers.

Star Life OK is on TopTV channel 373. To subscribe to Top Star, visit www.toptv.co.za