Step Sisters. Picture: Supplied

The gift that keeps on giving. That is: movies that are set in American colleges where people have to “step” for the most part of the movie. You saw it on 'Stomp The Yard'. You saw it on 'STEP'. You even saw it on 'College Daze'. And now, you get to see it on 'Step Sisters'.

Megalyn Echikunwoke plays Jamilah, a student is in intent on going to Harvard - just like both of her parents. But she’s not quite planning on doing it on her own steam. She’s certain her family name is going to get her into the prestigious institution.

In the meantime, she is a part of a Greek society where stepping just seems like second nature to all the girls. To her, this sorority is more like family. Even more than her real family. When things go awry and her parents refuse to use their influence to get her into Harvard, she hatches a plan.

Another sorority is in desperate need of a lesson in teamwork and that lesson then comes in the form of Jamilah teaching them how to step in order to win a competition. The twist? The sorority that Jamilah must coach is (except for one girl) white.

So expect the usual stereotypical jokes about rhythm. Also expect a love story - these days, you can’t have a movie without one, right? Expect to see things blow up in people’s faces. This is a romcom so also expect there to be a happy ending.

If you can get over all of those things, you may enjoy Step Sisters. You might also have to overlook one more thing. Megalyn is 34 years old and she looks it. Even Naturi Naughton - who filmed this movie after Power was already a big deal on the small screen - looks old. But a formula is a formula, right? Will the family Jamilah was born into and the one she chose still support Jamilah no matter what? Well, if you enjoy this kind of gift, trust that there will be another film similar to this one in no time.