Before we talk about the dance moves, let’s hand it to Cape Town for taking the time to dress up the way crews should. Though some of the sneakers were not designer labels, no one was looking out for that.

It is the effort at uniformity that counts and if you are honest with yourself, you really do look at a group that wears uniforms differently to one that does not.

Port Elizabeth also brought their A game and had so many worthy groups to look out for, some of them from the show’s previous seasons. Last night’s episode was the best yet, if we are looking at talent alone, and the uniforms were simply a bonus.

By the way, what happens when judge Emile “sees the tape”? He keeps letting unworthy groups in and hides behind that line. You have to wonder what becomes of the groups he has second thoughts over.

Overall, the show is looking stronger as it progresses. Kudos to whoever came up with the skits right at the end that show us who has made it through. With only seconds, all the crews show us why they made it. Really splendid editing.


With so many groups showing amazing skills, it is hard to pin-point just one group.

Kryptonix killed it with the comedy on the Jay-Z lines. Iron Wolf were brilliant, too, especially because they had only been together for three weeks. The Atlantis-based Boys Of Atlantis cashed in on their uniformity. Khabonina loved them so much she asked one of them to do it again and again. Don’t be surprised when you see the moves on her videos.


Groups such as Last Minute Rush had moves that could have forced to rate the show 18S. That gyrating was not for the 6.05pm slot, on a Sunday nogal. The other contender for this category must be Young Flames, who were there last year sans one member. When they were critiqued they decided not to take it lying down, so they justified their moves.


And the winner is… Arthur Mafokate. This is for two reasons. First, he called out Emile for always saying that every B-boy crew is the best he has ever seen. This is the stuff reality talent shows are made of.

Then came the incident in PE when the girl from Transformerz (pictured) broke down after failing to keep up with the group. The question is: how did she even make it into the group in the first place? Methinks she is cousins with one of the boys in the crew. Arthur’s silence was colder than a winter in Siberia.


The saddest story of the night must have been that of the Skom Line trio’s. They spoke about how some of the members had been in jail at some point and how this show would help them turn over a new leaf. But this is not Forgive & Forget, where the sad story ends with a hug. Despite their intentions, they lacked the talent and Emile, Khabo and Arthur were not in a Christmas mood.


Wedfy look pretty good and are set for the top. Prophet Style also showed some rare skills which make them strong contenders.

Phakamisa Pantsula were right up Arthur’s alley, even though he tried to hide it. I am not sure about Umojo though, but time will tell.

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