We are now at the top 10 stage and the 20 acts that came from all provinces all had to compete for the remaining spots. Some were undone by their nerves, others just lacked in talent.

Arthur even said that this was the stage where dancers would show the judges that they deserve to be on the show instead of proving that the judges were wrong for putting the dancers ahead.

Let’s look at who fits in which category below.


This has to be a tie between Vintage and Thembisa Revolution. Vintage come with colour, rags for clothing and vigorous movements. They do a lot of hip hop, which keeps them relevant with the look, but they also go into other genres and kill it there, too.

Thembisa Revolution just showed that background music did not define them, so they went without it and we could see their raw skills. Their shoes are made with tap caps on the heels, so you can hear how they move in unison. Personally I think the final group is between these two. Sorry, Spar10z.


If the word “eish” could be personified, Blu22 would be it. The crew had lazy slow dances that made you want to switch to something else. While at it, they still had time for blunders. If they spent as much time on their moves as they do on their lacefront hairstyles, they would still be in the competition. I have two left feet, but I can do the moves they were showing us. With ease, I might add.


Did you see the excitement that was in God’s Most Wanted when Khabonina called out their names in the pruning process? Only for her to say they did not make it! That was cruel. She might not make it to heaven because of that. They are, after all, God’s Most Wanted. That has to be one of the funniest moments on TV this year.


So, for the fun of it, let’s just arrange the remaining 10 in the order in which I think they will be eliminated. So that means the last name on this list wins. This is all based on the crews’ performances so far and nothing more, since we haven’t seen the finals.

10) Reptiles – The name is not even original, there was a Joburg crew that had a “Z” at the end. With that, so are their skills.

9) Pyschotics – the true definition of flashes of brilliance.

8) Kagiso Gumboots – That boot trick gets tired after a while.

7) Black Converse – These dudes were once my favourites.

6) Duduza Young Generation – maybe in two or so years when they can’t call themselves young any more.

5) African Revolution – they are Thembisa Revolution Lite.

4) Wedfy – have the talent but look like they need to grow a bit.

3) Spar10z – they can be rigid but they are warriors.

2) Thembisa Revolution – they are too clinical for the naked eye.

1) Vintage – nothing is predictable about them.

Here’s to the few eggs aimed at my face for the next couple of weeks, but I think I am generally right. I will give myself 6/10.