Thembisa Revolution

Munyaradzi Vomo

It seems like it was only yesterday when announced that it had a dance show called Step Up Or Step Out that would rival other estab-lished programmes such as So You Think You Can Dance, Strictly Come Dancing and Got To Dance.

Many of us shunned it as just another TV show, but with an incredible two million viewers every week, it was obvious the free-to-air channel was sitting on a pot of gold. Given that we saw the first episode yesterday, lets take a look at what to expect this year.

Over the next few weeks, we will give you a break-down of the show, focusing on the key moments via a few quirky categories.

We will crown The Happiest Feet of the Week, and we will also mock the untalented in the Keep Your Day Job category. We will also have the Top Judge nugget where the three dance gurus will be vetted on who had the best advice given that week. Then comes the R-R-Rewind That category, where something spec-tacular, or not, catches our attention and we wish to see it again. This can be on or off the dance floor. The final category will be Crystal Ball Whispers, where we attempt to predict the top three groups to make it to the next stage.

First up was the Joburg auditions. This is how we saw the action unfold.


Thembisa Revolution, a moment of silence please. The first time I saw these guys was at SA’s Got Talent a few years back and they were just as good. They went by the name Broomtsula, which was in keeping with their love for incorporating props in their moves. Then they used dance, but as we saw yesterday they are now into cans and tap dancing. Goodness knows what they will bring next.


Dressed in basketball caps, white shirts and shorts, the Barcode Stunners looked like four versions of Lil’ Wayne. Even part of their name is identical to last year’s winning crew, the Stunners, but there is nothing stunning about them. They looked as if they were constipated and had been electrocuted at the same time. Riveting stuff, it wasn’t.


“Shut up your face!” said gorgeous Khabonina Qubeka to the talented Thembisa Revolution crew. She may not be a contestant, but she is full of life and is exactly what the show needs. While watching the tap dancing crew, she should barely sit down and even confessed that she wished she could dance like that. Coming from a dance guru, that’s deep.


The search for missing crews such as ABC and Demolition Squad was a nice, fresh touch to the show. Seriously, where have you heard of a talent reality show going out to find certain characters to be contestants on a show? Pity both crews were not worth the hype.


The crews that make our top three are Thembisa Revolution, Rea Iketsetsa and Vintage. Write that down and prove me wrong. Let’s see how Bloemfontein does next week.

Step Out Or Step Out airs every Sunday at 6.05pm on