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Tying the knot& Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) finally make it down the aisle.

Tying the knot& Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) finally make it down the aisle.

Published Jan 10, 2011


I was late in warming to the charm of Grey’s Anatomy. My friends talked about it with passion and admiration, but I ridiculed them. How exciting can a medical drama be? Big mistake. My cynicism cost me the first few crucial seasons. Playing catch-up was fun, though.

The sixth instalment got off to a really naff start. With OTT and schmaltzy plots as its drawcard, interest waned somewhat. In fact, there were times when it wallowed in so much melodrama you would swear it was a soap masquerading as a medical drama.

Given that some of the medical staff at Seattle Grace Mercy Hospital were playing romantic musical chairs in the bedroom (and the hospital stockroom), the ass-grappling and hair-ruffling romps became a bit incestuous.

Thankfully, creator Shonda Rhimes resuscitated the storyline with a climax about a grieving husband taking the entire hospital hostage that will forever remain etched in the minds of fans.

Viewers had to bid a sad farewell to two of their favourite characters as well. Katherine Heigl (Izzie) wanted to put all her energy and focus into her flourishing film career and to spend more time with her adopted daughter, Naleigh. One can’t deny she’s in her element in rom-coms – Knocked Up, 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth and Life As We Know It set the box office alight.

And TR Knight as Dr George O’Malley was killed off. The actor wanted out of his contract.

Back to the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy. In picking up the pieces of their lives our favourite characters have to deal with their unresolved issues. And Jesse Williams (Dr Jackson Avery) and Sarah Drew (Dr April Kepner) join the permanent cast.

Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) steps down as chief of staff and hands back the reins to Dr Richard Webber (James Pickens jr).

Meanwhile, Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) sets her sights on their trauma counsellor, Dr Andrew Perkins (James Tupper). The relationship between Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins hits another snag.

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) finally plucks up the courage to tell hubby Derek about her miscarriage. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) has an emotional meltdown and breaks up with Ben. Jackson is plagued by nightmares, while Alex (Justin Chambers) refuses to remove the bullet lodged in his chest.

One of the biggest highlights is the big day of Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd). Yep, he finally makes an honest woman of her.

Looks like another web of intrigue, high-end drama and emotional meltdowns have been woven once again.


lDespite being shortened to nine episodes from 14, Grey’s Anatomy found a loyal fan base from the get-go. Funnily enough, it was used as a mid-season replacement for Boston Legal at the time. The first season kicked off in 2005 and featured an introduction to Meredith Grey, working under general surgeon Miranda Bailey, as an intern at Seattle Grace Hospital. At the time, Derek Shepherd was an attending physician along with Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington). The rivalry between Derek and Preston was one of the key storylines, along with George O’Malley’s crush on Meredith and her blossoming romance with Derek. Of course, that came to a halt when Derek’s estranged wife, Addison Montgomery, arrived to win him back.

lIzzie and Alex Karev’s romance hit a rocky patch when she fell for her heart patient, Denny Duquette, in season two. Miranda discovered she was pregnant and the writers delved more into her personal life. Oh, and Meredith and Derek’s relationship remained in limbo for a bit.

lCristina was devastated when Preston called off their wedding. Callie Torres was appointed as chief resident. Derek and Meredith’s relationship was still in limbo, along with those of Callie, George and Izzie. And Addison moved to Los Angeles (her departure was to coincide with the start of Private Practice – a spin-off from Grey’s Anatomy).

lChyler Leigh guest-starred as Lexie Grey, a new intern and Meredith’s younger half-sister, in the fourth sequel. Lauren Stamile was added to the cast as scrub nurse Rose. She also became a thorn in Meredith’s side after catching Derek’s eye. Meanwhile, Meredith and Lexie tried to work out their differences with the help of their father, Thatcher. After several hook-ups among the characters, Meredith gave her relationship with Derek another go.

lThere was much talk about the creator Shonda Rhimes and TR Knight being at odds with one another. In this fifth instalment Dr Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) started dating Lexie, much to Meredith and Derek’s disapproval. Izzie learned she was terminally ill.

lSeattle Grace Hospital merged with Mercy West Hospital in season six. Derek was promoted and Meredith learned she was pregnant. Cristina was unsure about Owen’s commitment to their relationship. Callie and Arizona struggled to keep their relationship together when the issue of having a baby together cropped up. Mark Sloan tried to turn over a new leaf, but couldn’t seem to let go of Lexie.

lGrey’s Anatomy airs on M-Net at 7.30pm tonight. - Tonight

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