Did you know that Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP) was originally featured on JR’s hit single Make The Circle Bigger, but wasn’t actually in the music video? Did you know that HHP has Mozambican roots? How about the fact that the motswako artist considers it bad luck to get out of bed using your left foot instead of your right?

Okay, that third bit is totally made up, but the first two are interesting facts about one of South Africa’s most celebrated artists.

They are also facts that are uncovered in The Making of …, a mini-documentary series that airs on TopTV’s Top One channel every Wednesday. Every week, this show takes a look at the life of a celebrity – be it a musician, a dancer, an actor and more – and brings you the information you may not have been aware of. What’s really cool is that there are always stories behind the story, giving the featured celeb a multi-dimensional look.

You can expect to see the genesis of groups such as Freshlyground reminisced upon straight from the stable of horses’ mouths. The ups and downs of Zolani and ’em will be chronicled. How the band actually have social responsibilities and a responsibility to themselves to stay true to their individuality in such a large, celebrated group.

Former pioneers of the Motherland Crunk shortlived sub-genre and now pop-rap duo Jozi are also put in the hot seat. We suspect they will have to explain their Destiny’s Child-like swopping and changing of group members.

But seeing that Ishmael and Da Les have both made names for themselves outside the group, it’s easy to deduce that they will also speak about how four members became two and they still thrived.

The Making of … also looks at musicians who might have had a hiatus in their careers. Like TKZee. The kwaito group that consists of Tokollo, Kabelo and Zwai went their separate ways without disbanding when they all decided to embark on solo careers.

Their endeavours were successful and then the Guz collective decided to reunite and release a new album. TKZee also tell their stories and how the friendships turned into a great musical relationship. They share their passion, their plight and their music. So if you want the lowdown on your favourite artists, don’t miss this show.

• The Making Of ... airs on Top One (TopTV channel 150) at 9.30pm every Wednesday.