Called "utterly bingeworthy" by critics, The Girlfriend Experience follows several women who lead double lives as professional escorts.

Here are all the new series hitting Showmax this month!

1. The Girlfriend Experience, S1-2 | First on Showmax

Called "utterly bingeworthy" by critics, this captivating drama follows several women who lead double lives as professional escorts. But it's not just about the sex - they provide much more. Strictly no under-18s. Watch now »

2. Rise, S1 | First on Showmax

With few prospects, the students in a working-class school have little to look forward to. Opportunity knocks when a new teacher takes over the drama department, but what about the drama in their lives? Watch now »

3. Future Man | First on Showmax

When Josh (Josh Hutcherson) beats an impossible video game, soldiers from the future choose him to save the world. But it turns out he's much more of a loser than they thought. Watch now »

4. The Last Post | First on Showmax

Based deep in the Middle East, far from home, the soldiers and families of a British outpost have to navigate life and duty while facing a growing insurgency against them in this lush and engrossing historical drama. Watch now »

5. Vikings, S5B | First on Showmax, express from the US | Starts 30 November 2018

The final 10 episodes of Season 5 of the hit series about the violent and brutal Norse warriors will reveal the fate of the Kattegat people. With Duke Rollo (Clive Standen) returning to Kattegat at the end of part one and Ivar the Boneless becoming king, there’s a lot of unfinished business to tackle. New episodes air express from the US from 30 November 2018.

6. Freakish, S2

The fight for survival continues as Lashawn, still alive, returns to the school. But others have followed him and they are set to kill the remaining students. It's a game of hide and seek as survival takes centre stage once again. Watch now »

7. Good Karma Hospital, S2

The wonderful and whimsical hospital is back, where life can get demanding but there is always a bright side to things. A few new arrivals will make sure things aren't going to quieten down! Watch now »

8. Ash vs Evil Dead, S1

When evil is about to destroy the world, there is only one man who can take care of business! Alas, that one man is an egocentric, loudmouthed, impulsive idiot. Don't miss this hilarious, super-gory, always entertaining madness. Watch now »

9. The Handmaid's Tale, S2

Opening on a shocking scene that brings the brutality of the Republic of Gilead to life, the new season of this award-winning series pulls no punches. Offred and her sisters might survive, but freedom will take much more. Watch now »

10. Counterpart

The mesmerising JK Simmons is Howard, a career agent who clocks in every day without much purpose. Then he meets his double, literally from a mirror reality, and becomes embroiled in a twisted plot of murder and mayhem. Watch now »

11. Black Sails, S3

It's all-out war between Flint and the world when he declines Captain Hornigold's dubious pardons. As they prepare for the storm coming at them, other players in the Caribbean, including Blackbeard, are making their moves. Watch now »

12. Revelations, S1

The apocalypse is approaching, and a top scientist is one of the few to see the signs. As he tries to find a way to stop it, he meets a nun who is also concerned about the future. But can they avert the end of the world? Watch now »

13. Luther, S1-4

Idris Elba is Luther, a brilliant but emotionally impulsive detective. He uses his skills to hunt down the worst among us, but that comes at the cost of his own stability in this excellent crime drama. Watch now »

14. Code Black, S1-2

It's the busiest emergency room in the US, taking grit, determination and split-second decisions to save lives. Based on the documentary about the real-life hospital, this new drama packs all the punch and a lot more. Watch now »

15. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, S1-2 | From 19 November 2018

Sometimes things go wrong when you are abroad. For citizens of the US, they can call the FBI's Internal Division. Investigating crimes across the globe, this Criminal Minds team goes where crime does. Available from 19 November 2018.

16. Snowfall, S1

The only thing you can control is your future, and for Franklin, the way out of the hood is through selling cocaine. But it puts him in the middle of an industry about to go to war in this brilliant and edgy crime drama. Watch now »

17. Vanity Fair, S1

This gorgeous, brand-new series is an adaptation of William Thackeray's 1848 novel about Becky Sharp and her friends and family during the Napoleonic Wars. Starring Olivia Cooke, Tom Bateman and Johnny Flynn. Watch now »

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