Jaime and Brienne. Picture: Helen Sloane/HBO

Barack Obama once teasingly told the director David Nutter that he had killed off all of his favourite characters on "Game of Thrones."

No wonder, since this is the man who oversaw the slaughter of the Starks at the Red Wedding, the burning of Shireen and the Night’s Watch’s murder of Jon Snow. Nutter’s instalments during the final season of "Game of Thrones" — Episodes 1, 2 and 4 — have been a little less violent, focusing on classic character reunions and goodbyes.

Nutter on Monday revealed what insights he gave the actors to help make these moments so special, specifically when he helped Brienne(Gwendoline Christie) react to Jaime's rejection in season 8's episode 4.

"I told Nikolaj (Coster-Waldau) that when Jaime is telling Brienne about how everything he’s done, he’s done for Cersei. And as he was saying his lines, we went into Brienne’s close-up, Gwendoline's close-up, and there was a moment where she is just watching him, at the very end. And I walked over to Nikolaj and I said, 'The last thing I want you to tell her is that you don’t love her anymore'. And of course, he was essentially saying this to her anyway, in some respect, but she didn’t expect to hear it directly. 

"Gwendoline didn’t expect that moment, and she just lost it. It was something very special. Sometimes surprising an actor in a good way like that can actually create a response you’re not expecting. And with those two, they’re very close as well, so I knew something like that would affect her character as well."

It obviously worked wonders. Here's the scene again.

New York Times

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